Occult and mainstream science

Okay mages

Most seasoned mages here on thus forum claim they can soul travel to other planes meet astral entities, masters ,you can form bonds with demons and gain info from them and use it destroy others lives

Why then cant mages provide scientific discoveries breakthroughs hack into cosmic information and bring on new discoveries inventions to help mankind and surprise mainstream science say by using soul travel consistently.this would make u rich easily.even get u a nobel prize.

Why do most mages suffer out of poverty and social injustice,they are mocked at when they have armadas of astral beings at their disposal that they claim can fuck their enemies and grant them wishes instead. they should be ruling the world and people should be afraid of them or atleast know that u guys have some kind of power.

Why have entire hardcore occult civilizations like the mayans hindus buddhists pagans been literally thrown into literal extinction confusion devastation by christians and muslims throughout centuries who hardly have any kind of occult mastery or info?

I understand u guys have great meditative skills u r courageous confident individuals u have access to black magic literature and supposed methods you guys have great philosophical insight u have great
attitude too…but are you guys sure you are simply not experiencing vivid hallucinations and u r misinterpreting coincidences?

And of course my question is to mr koetting too

Youtube is literally filled with people mocking him freely and they hardly seemes to be in distress or fear


Magic was nerfed with this current patch of reality apparently, the devs thought magic was too op and ruined the immersion of other players who didn’t pick a magical class.


most people just dont have that compulsion. You can say the same thing concerning why more people dont push themselves to the limit like elon musk and start a business. People generally just dont have that compulsion. As long as people have their basic needs met, we’re generally satisfied. I know for myself…once i get things together the way i want it to be…i dont really see myself doing anything like that. The amount of work you’d have to do just to convince people of the reality of all this is just too much work. People can make all the discoveries they want, but you need connections to actually get it into news media, science journals, and such.


Seriously I doubt its possible, the Cray Mathematical Institute has six unsolved problems each with a 1 million payout. So now what I must assume is that if these questions are unanswered that means that magic cannot be used in such instances otherwise one lucky guy would have answered all six and be heralded as the mathematician of the century.

Edit: Or perhaps figure out how the Sloot Digital Coding System worked and recreate it, you would overnight be a billionaire.

So yeah I have to assume that it cannot be done or its so hard to do that the people that can do it no longer care about doing it

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what about posting your own experiences on interesting topics like life on europa and mars…u say u can travel the universe through soul travel and u guys also have clairvoyance remote viewing

so why not start an occult research team…see if you are right you have made an amazing discovery…imagine the amount of money that would be saved…you would be a hero

mr koetting does not believe in occult systems of suppresion of magick…so its not hard to imagine he is very much an avid researcher and seeker and an open minded individual himself…i hardly doubt a technology like magick should be kept for doing personality development and earning a comfortable life…you guys are mages…do u know the gravity of this…if you guys really have the powers why not start your own observations…u could change the paradigm of magick from woo woo to a scientifically established fact and a proven method to know the secrets of reality

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Err not to sound like too much of a dick and ruin your fun but if it was that easy it would have already been done.


Why dont YOU do it instead of telling everybody else how they should use magick xD if you’re indeed familiar with EA, hes also all about allowing people to use magick to create their own personal utopia. If this is something that interests you personally…why dont you learn how to soul travel yourself, go to europa or whatever…start an occult research institute, and push the boundaries the way you want other people to do? As for myself, im interested in living a happy life and creating a utopia around myself, which doesnt require me to do even 90% of what you want


Occult and MAINSTREAM science do not go together. Just putting occult & mainstream together makes no sense to me.

Mages have provided all sorts of scientific discoveries. Many well-known physicists were mages who brought forth their findings with help from grimoire workings. Read Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires by Leitch as a starting point which will explain this to you.

However, in the current age we live in, these discoveries do not become known to the public anymore without the PTB allowing it. This is a different rabbit hole, but the PTB also work magick.

There is a reason silence is used amongst mages.

Mages do rule the world. Look at the royal families. Trace their lineage back. Connect these dots. There’s plenty of books on this. Not all mages suffer from poverty either. It seems you believe all mages should be winning the lottery. I once asked this question as well, so I know what you mean, although this is a very basic answer. Explaining how this is a flawed concept is for another thread.

Why have they been exiled? There’s multiple reasons, but the answer lies within the powers that be. Look at the Knights Templar as an example. Same goes for the others. Most are still around, underground.


The fuck… damn can’t make magitech teleporters because the magic police don’t like it. I mean c’mon do you actually believe that a cabal of people could keep a conspiracy so large under wraps for centuries without a hitch. To do something of that nature you need a lot of people, a lot of people don’t make for well-kept conspiracies.

Money? Think a little bit.

If free energy were real why the fuck would we still be using coal and gas

Do you not understand how economy works?


If these mages are that powerful why can’t they just bend reality to make the economy ‘work’

THEIR economy does work. Your money belongs to them. We are their reality.

They are rich, therefore it works.


you say they and their which is rather ehh, but I’ll play along. What is rich for you my friend, is it 10 million is it 10 billion is it several trillion? Tons of people are rich now’a’days but I doubt 99.99% of them are the fucking magic police Illuminati. I mean if you wanted to be rich sell zero point energy that would make you pretty fucking wealthy, if you are ‘scared of big oil’ say you burn coal but in reality, you are just making some free energy and undercutting everyone else.

Give your zero point energy to Elon he might need it for space X and Tesla

Its kinda like saying someone is suppressing cancer cures but then Steve Jobs dies with a net worth of 10 billion from cancer.

They are the ones in control. Who decide what happens. Royal families with ties to every bank.

Rich was an assumption that you understood what I meant, but I don’t think you did. By rich I meant the people who created the money you spend. Not from a printing press, but as the creators of the idea and then to what is now in this world. Banking, etc. Not Steve Jobs rich.

If a source for free energy was published and the public were allowed to use it, ‘big oil’ would slowly go out of business. By these large oil corps going out of business, these families would not be in “power” anymore, therefore they lobby, discredit, and try to stop anything that goes against them. Same for ‘big pharma’


sigh IF there were royal families that are practically a shadow government why does free energy pose a problem who cares if big oil dies it’s not like they actually lose anything, increase taxes, print some more money or perhaps a bailout. and boom more money than ever just fucking print some more.

And before you tell me they can’t just print some more money, if they can suppress FTL and Zero point energy killing off scientist who uncover something you would rather remain hidden at that point you can easily print more money. Even though really we don’t even print money now we just make digital money that’s even easier to make.

  1. Because Islamic nations were the founders of science (the Greeks just made it better).

  2. Because Christianity is a cult that grows off a essential human flaw; guilt.

  3. Because occultists understand core and theoretical science to a degree many hard and biological scientists don’t exactly appreciate.

  4. Most scientific theories are philosophies, therefore not yet accepted in the mainstream scientific community.

  5. On a note of listing the two but on inaccurate terms; Hinduism and Buddhism are alive and well but it’s mostly the white-light versions. In fact Buddhism is mega-white-light to the point where many knowledgeable occultists use it as the purest example of the RHP.

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If they die they lose everything. They are behind every politician that tells you how to think. Before I can answer that, you need to understand how an economy works. You don’t just print money without causing the value of that denomination to drop. If your countries monetary value is 0, you’re fucked

u r right mate…conspiracy theories like that of david icke illuminati are nonsense like those flat earthers…i used to believe in them…until you do your own deep research and see there are hardly any fucking evidence to this shit even aliens…99.99 percent of this worlds rich people laugh at mages and they arent fucking mages…they know nothing about occult.

and there are tons of evidence of normal people working their asses off from poor families to getting rich…no illuminati business

and they said the illuminati was suppressing cancer treatment…guess what steve jobs died of cancer…so whos the treatment for?reptilians?