Obsessive Love

I have a big problem, I can’t solve. I’ve been obsessed with a boy for almost a year now. In a sick way. I’m not a girl with unstable hormones. I’m a strong woman, I’ve never experienced anything like that. and this ruins my magical activity. it must be said that before having this obsession I was totally alien to my sexuality, for almost ten years I had no emotions, for anyone, not at all. so I thought it was because of the awakening of sexual energies, but it’s too long now, I’ve managed, directed. this is not it. from the beginning this guy has always given me a strong connection with Lilith, with whom I worked, helped me to manage emotions, needs, self-esteem. great teacher, ave lilith. I even thought he had a curse on me. a woman has read the papers to me, says no, but I’m not sure. although he seems too stupid to be able to curse me. the fact is that I can’t forget it, and I can’t get it. he sends me signals that confuse me, it seems that he likes me, but if I step forward he runs away. it’s fucking boring. I tried introspection, banish, display, ignore it. but it’s always in my head. and now, that I’m in the middle of a ritual to contact Pope Legba and I need all my will, again, always him. I can’t even hate him, otherwise I would have cursed him to death and goodbye. I feel that there is something that unites us. when he learned that I practice magic he asked me to help him, but he still doesn’t decide to be alone with me to explain to me what kind of help he wants. this also bores me to death, I’m not a vending machine for magic, if you ask for my help and I offer it to you, make up your mind, otherwise fuck you, you don’t really need me. today he smiled at me, we talked a bit, and while I was leaving, he works in a shop under my house, he immediately took the phone and saw that he was exchanging messages. I don’t know with whom or why, but I went crazy, I went out furious, sad. tired. I would like to understand. I can’t. maybe I’m not objective. the cards do not give me clear answers. lilith seems to be on his side. I’m tired. one year. any ideas to wrest emotions away? any other idea? I also thought of casting a spell and bringing it to me with magic, but I feel I don’t have to.
Help. love sucks.

Don’t worry, I’m a strong woman too and my hormones are very unstable. I go mad about once a month.

You curse everyone you don’t like to death?

So what is it you want? You want to be with him or not? Do you even know what you want? If not, that’s what you have to do. Think about what you want. And if you want to be with him just go to him and ask what he feels for you. If he says he doesn’t like you then at least you know :+1:


I didn’t want to be rude, I was still in the grip of jealousy. I meant that I manage feelings and emotions as a woman. at least I thought. However. no, I don’t curse all those I don’t like to death. only the ones I hate. and I never hate. but if it happens, yes, if someone gets in the way of my journey, yes, goodbye. wolf eats dog. I asked, from the beginning, if he liked me, if we liked each other. said Si, visibly excited, but I have to explain things to you, he told me. I am months that I wait. maybe it was the question he wanted to ask me for help, but now he can do it. are you afraid of me? I tried several times to come forward, something I never did for anyone, it didn’t reject me, but neither did I accept it. seems blocked. I want to be at peace. I like him, but I don’t intend to sacrifice beyond my strength. and even if I am determined to ignore it, forget everything, he continues to recur in my head. I want to know if I have to do something for him. tonight I felt this, that I have to help him in something, but I certainly can’t force him to do this. I have already offered my help several times. I apologize if I can seem rude, I’m just very tired, and sad.

Isn’t there a forget someone spell or something? There’s no point trying love magick if you’re obsessed. Even if there’s not- There’s definitely forget someone hypnosis available.


the great and powerful magnifying glass gave me some clues. Many suggest King Paimon as very useful. I also found a spell with candles. erase from the mind. the funny and grotesque thing is that the help he asked me concerns just that, erasing memories from his head. maybe it’s not love what I feel, maybe it’s all a big circle to get to help him. but I don’t know why. I can’t understand why. I’m confused again

Sometimes the Gods utilize this kind of situations to teach us stuff that we wouldn’t learn otherwise.


True, many Times i’ve learned this way. But this time i can’t solve the puzzle. One year. Now, one year from November.

I really learned many things about myself, in this past year. Now is a dead end. Never asked for external help.

one yr of self journey can be good for you. He may be soulmate friend. The book that helped me ease the pain is “The Angels of Love” by zanna blaise. 'heal a damage relationship magick" will ease the pain. You still will think of the person, it’s just that the emotions are not painful so that you can function. Sometimes strong emotions gets in the way of us to think objectively.

I can say I truly don’t understand how you feel and what you going thru. Also like many others I’m not going to tell you all the nonsense you may don’t want to hear.
I’m going through the same here. It’s very hard, and all I know sometimes life do very unfair to us. Leave us with very few options and choices.
Just do what makes you happy.


I had a moment of enlightenment. Everything always makes sense, especially in magic. And if all I felt was not really love for him, but rather was about the experience he wants to erase? If the purpose of all this was that I help him, but first I had to live what he lived on my skin? And now that I can perform a ritual that serves this purpose for me, can I do it for him too? I mean, I’m never interested in anything else, just knowledge, and doing magic. if circumstances were created precisely for this? otherwise I would never have been interested in a spell concerning memories, love, other people. and instead…

Read some of @Norski post on this stuff. He’s got some great insights.

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It really does.

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It seems that you already tell him that you like him and he likes you back. To me seems like he is extremely shy or his skills on communication are really bad. Why don’t you try to get rid off his shyness. Perhaps furcas can help you on that.

Probably Dantalion can help you as well on this he can help you on knowing his thoughts.

Also maybe you should talk to him and actually tell him how you feel about him not just that he likes you. Perhaps after actually talking to him, regardless of what hi tell you about his feelings towards you. That might easy your mind.

Good luck!

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@DeaMadre I empathise with you hugely as there’s quite a few parallels between your situation and mine which is described on my My own thread.

My target has been driving me crazy at times because I can’t stop obsessing and thinking about her, I’ve been able to rescue it despite myself before… right now I’m waiting to strike again as I’ve just saved it from collapsing once more… its still not resolved but I’m feeling much more confident than before.

The five things that have shifted my energy the most are 1) using Zanna Blaise’s 72 sigils of Power. Meditate on the contemplation magick for internal changes then use the results magick 2) Lots meditation and self love, check out Agnes Vivarelli, she says a few things that really hit a) everyone is you pushed out b) You need to surrender to the situation and be secure in yourself c) 3) My own Nuclear bomb clearing using Metatron and Yohach/Kalach 4) using the merkaba + metatron. 5) consulting the Iching frequently to see if my internal changes have been processed. I will put my targets name in frequently and have noticed positive readings all of a sudden after doing the previous 4 steps whereas I was getting warnings for days and days before. Doing all this internal work daily has made me far more relaxed and positive about not just this but everything… surrender is about being able to recieve your desire rather than being the constant transmitter that suffocates the other person… the less bad you feel about it, the closer it is to coming true… :slight_smile:


He might just be shy and not know how to further things even though he’s expressed his feelings he might be nervous to take the next step. Relax and feel like hes already yours, if you feel angry and jealous then ur just shifting into realities that reflect your consciousness , simply just feel very grateful that he’s yours and it should workout less than 1-2 months , keep vibrations up through gratitude , healthy foods , water, sunlight , exercise and never go back to feeling negative about the situation

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Obsessive love reminds me sort of of this:

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Thank you all for the answers. Every word, or advice, is useful for me, of any kind, because I always try to work completely, broadly. And above all I am very happy to have had the opportunity to return to participate in the forum, nothing happens by chance. Developments. I reduced the problem a little. First of all, it was necessary for me to go deeper with introspection, and it was necessary for me to concentrate on myself, spiritually. So I focused on the rituals I have in progress, for Samhain. During a trance meditation, after the climax, I felt a severe malaise and a terrible accumulation of energy in the second chakra. It was even painful. I didn’t know what to do, I suffered. While trying to direct, impossible, I had to release some of the energy, which was stuck during the trance. And the boy appears in my head. Still under the slight possession of the spirit, I believe, part of my energy is discharged directly onto the boy’s head. I didn’t feel the need to ask myself why, why still he, why all this. I let it happen. When it was all over I had a certain curiosity to know, to look at him, but I didn’t do anything. With the certainty that everything that happened was real, I don’t need proof. I thank the spirits for guiding me in this experience, with the wisdom to understand it. I understand that this also happens to give me the opportunity to exercise as much magic as possible, to increase my skills and above all to make my person stable. I intend, and certainly will, to try your advice. Unfortunately I cannot proceed with invocations or petitions to other deities, until I make contact with the spirit in which I am working now, but I have the opportunity to try candle magic, old school magic, projection from energy and thought. It is becoming an experiment, this love. I really hoped I had found a companion. He was born on Halloween night. I was born on Christmas night. Samhain and Yule. I thought the stars were propitious. But I have a feeling, I think I scared him. He said he had an interest in the occult, but maybe it was one of those striking sentences to impress girls. Then when he realized that I really practice, this might have scared him a little. Like Harry Potter trying to woo Crowley. I will keep updated. Thank you all, from my heart.

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