My "Nuclear bomb" sword banishing Yohach/ Kalach ritual to clear a person's fears/negative thoughts about me

I’ve used Yohach and Kalach -as per how Damon Brand describes it in Magickal protection- as a sword banishing ritual quite often.

However the thought came across me that I could actually target it at a specific person, a romantic target- and the negative emotions they hold towards me and the energies of our recent past which have been turbulent to say the least.

What I did was also alter the ritual so that when Yohach and Kalach cross their swords and you call Nazaree-Ell and Ozee-Ell, Metatron also comes down like a star which turns into a nuclear bomb from the sun and the Metatron bomb triggers a huge clearing explosion that streches far and wide. I aim the clearing bomb specifically at the person’s negative energy and bad words said between us and any other negative interactions we’ve had. So far seems to be working, and what I’m planning on doing is each time I get a negative thought about her, or get angry at her, which can be random and at times frequent, I will quickly trigger the ritual so that it becomes a reflex defence action… an added step may be to visualise your merkeba and then see your heart chakra and third eye join together with a cord of love, and then could be extended to your specific person as an act of forgiveness. If the negative feeling is less intense I simply picture the angels holding their shields blocking the negative energy.

Thoughts and would be keen to hear people who have done similar things!


Wow that’s super interesting. I just got turned on to yohach/kalach this weekend and I believe they’ve helped save my life (not overexagerrating here), so I’m going to take this post as a sign that I should continue working with them.



I’ve been practising this throughout today and can honestly say the negative energy has dissipated more than I expected. Give it a try and see how you get on with it. Yohach/Kalach are very powerful indeed and can really purify things :slight_smile:


Sweet Baby Jebus in an Inflatable Manger! That’s a brilliant idea my good man. :face_with_monocle: I’ve used it to extend to the edges of my property, but never the nuclear option. It also warms my heart since I’m such a Fallout fan IRL. You’ve brought joy to this irradiated sorcerer’s heart. I’m trying this one today.

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I’ve started adding Metatron to quite a few meditations and rituals I do, simply because I’ve been working on the Merkaba side of things quite a bit and Metatron is very strongly aligned with the Merkaba… I’ve always seen him described as like a star like ball of light which descends from the sun so I decided why not turn him into a spiritual clearing bomb to add more power into other things :wink:


Even just reading that makes such a … nice?? Impressive, powerful vision.

Like a high octane ‘best of’ movie clip :slightly_smiling_face:

And I like the forgiveness bit, most people’s missing ingredient


Thank you for this I had been doing this ritual for some time with success but I was unsure about how to position Yohach and Kalach :slight_smile:

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Yohach on the right, Kalach on the left :slight_smile:

The other thing you may want to add is just to say “Metatron from above” as he descends but so long as you can imagine him descending as a star and then expanding out then exploding that’s fine…


Wow Metatron took it to a complete different level. Amazing thanks :smiley:

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I once had sudden inspiration to involve a “sword” into my banishing rituals, as a symbol of authority and power. It turned my shitty advanced “go away” into an actual command.