I am completely obsessed with Lucifer. I always want to talk to him, I think about him basically all day and I listen to his enn for 8 hours when I am working. I have been thinking about getting his sigil on my arm. I give him blood offerings. Is this the start of possession?

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No. It’s your own personal obsession, nothing more.


Just thought I would ask if anyone has had any experience with this because I remember Ea Koetting mentioning the first stages of possession is complete obsession with the spirit

He also says that is the first principle of evocation, preparatory immersion :man_shrugging:

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Was he talking about parasitic possessions or higher order beings?

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He was talking about his evocation course with Nate bales and they were talking about the possession segment in the course and it came up

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He was talking about demons someone would work with normally

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In order to possess you, the entity must have your permission or invitation. It’s not that common for Lucifer to do this spontaneously but easier as invocation. You are building a relationship that could allow possession if you want.

The question is what do YOU want, and what permissions have you given? Is this bothering you, or are you enjoying yourself? And why are you obsessed?

It could be that the path to understanding why you’re obsessed reveals very useful information about your inner state and that’s why you’re doing it. Like it’s your subconscious going “hey, come and look at this”. would follow that rabbit, myself. Partly because it feels a little out of control and I would want to fix that, and partly for the knowledge.


Yes I agree with everything you said thanks. If it was belial I’d be a different story lol.

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I know someone who was working with belial and she got obsessed with him and got his tattoo and he possessed her out of no where without permission.

I honestly believe the sigil is an invitation

You can find outliers all day long and all, some, and none of them can be true.


I wasn’t there, but I’m suspicious that he didn’t have permission through the working relationship. But Belial is a deity level entity, I think for them it could be different.

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