Obsession spells

I cast an obsession spell back in march
The target did not talk for around 2/3 months then finally he was talking to me around the start of summer.

On the day we were supposed to go on a date he ghosted me and stayed offline for most of thats day.
Since then he has not uttered a word or responded to my messages and has not been online as much as usual.

What is happening? Should i boost my spell again?

It’s happens like that sometimes. Either it just didn’t work, which is the better option, or the spell i sensed as a psychic attack and the person subconsciously puts more distance between you.

Basically he so not into it that you’re not able to override his will with your own.

TBH obsession spells are bad news, if you push harder you just risk sending him crazy, and then he won’t be the guy you wanted any more anyway. Always leave room for “if it be his will” to avoid that.


When i did an attraction spell on myself he was on of the first men to start being obsessed and messaging me etc and now that ive aimed a spell at him its had a weird effect .
I had a reading done too on this man and they told me he is a good man and that he is scared of letting anyone else in again after his past with women.
Do you suggest doing a love spell instead of obsession?

He was just checking your availability and then ghosted you again. He might repeat this cycle for as long as you keep responding to his checks.

If your working was aimed at making him feel obsessed with you, I’d say it didn’t work.

They always say that.

I’d suggest moving on.


I’m tagging @PriestessLayla because I know she is a expert in this.


Since the attraction spell brought him to you, it’s not about being attracted to you, there’s some other reason. A good man will not be swayed by lust and use his common sense. That means he’s seen something that doesn’t work for him.

Maybe look at what the blocks are and do a working to remove those.? :thinking: It might require changing something about yourself though that you don’t want to change, so I’d be careful with that.


He has children from a previous relationship

Do you recommend doing a blockbuster on it to destroy the obstacles?

Lol you mean “destroy” his children, considering you seem to consider them “the obstacles”?

Maybe the obsession spell did work… but not on your target. It’s a common aftermath. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

I wouldn’t recommend doing any more workings on this guy. Let it pass, and when you feel ready to move on try some other working to attract someone suitable for you for a stable, mutual relationship.


No! Not to destroy his family
I would never do any magic on children etc
Im talking about obstacles as in other women or his fear of commitment

Your right i need to find a guy whos worth my time and effort