Obsession spell - what does this mean?

Love spells can make people act weird.
The most important thing is to not have an idealistic view of the things.
Sombody can be madly in love for years on sombody while the person itself is not aware of it.
Everybody acts diffrently when in love.
Some people even tend to run away or leave you because they dont want to give in on their feelings.

It is the most unpredictable magic there is and very risky

Can you describe what happened? I’m curious because I thought love spells would work on the other person. Are you saying that you cast a spell on another person but it somehow bouced back to you? Or that you became obsessed or something similar?

If I ever use a love spell, I would want one that only affected the other person.


Was this question for me?

No, I was specifically wondering what bad things had happened to @anon58416292 so that they said it was going to be the “last time” they ever messed with love spells.

Other than that specific question, I was also interested in what spell you had cast and whether you got it in a book or improvised or whatever. I apologize in advance if this has already been answered in the thread. I tried to look and all I could find were general notes about how you had called upon Dantalion and Sallos. Did you have a specific way to evoke them?


Yesterday, on the second full moon since the spell, my target reached out! After weeks of strange silence. Now I know why…

He was saying he hadn’t wanted to feel tempted and distracted (by me) (he’s currently seeing someone local to him.) It sounded like those feelings had driven him a bit mad.
He said he can’t stop thinking about our time together when we met last year and that his mind is ALWAYS (and he used caps) wandering back to it. He said the short time we had together “just worked” and he “craves” that but it’s hard to feel these cravings if he’s seeing this local girl.
Then he tells me he’s got tickets to come back here next year and might even be planning a trip before then. He only got his tickets yesterday. It’s like he couldn’t wait to tell me.

It sounds like he’s conflicted in his emotions at the moment.
Very interesting to hear his thoughts keep taking him back to being with me.

We had a great text chat so let’s see what happens from here. Just got to get over the other girl obstacle but I’m willing to give it time and have faith.

So, last full moon I met his female doppelganger. This full moon he makes direct contact.




Congratulations :blush:

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Do you plan on doing any work to remove this person from his life? Or was this already included in your obsession spell? Did you know he was seeing someone before you did the spell? Great progress nonetheless, that’s some great movement in your work.

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Thank you so much.

I’ve done a separate vinegar jar as I’d like to get them to separate, obviously.
The attraction with me and him was before he met her and he’s stayed in touch with me ever since, even though we had less than 24 hours in each others company.
He’s with someone local more out of convenience I think.

I believe I’ve had great signs so far. I haven’t quite got him yet but I believe we just need to be in each others physical company again. Then who knows. If this connection is this strong after less than a day together then I’d love to have the opportunity to see what happens with a bit more time together.
I would only get romantically involved if he was single again of course.



I’m truly happy for you :wink:

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I was reading about the progress of the spell and I was going to answer that there is an obstacle and must be another girl.
I was waiting to read all the responses and you confirmed it.
From my experience when someone does a love spell, even a self love spell it attracts love from all possible sources. When the love spell is targeted to a specific person then the energy first has to go through the path of the least resistance before it reaches the target.
I had done a spell for my target to lust on me and I received all types of attention too from any male that had even a little bit of lust on me. I got attention from men I was talking to to men that were at my work place. It was mad.
My target was also resisting because there was a girl and he confirmed it.
I used to be into hoodoo and working with Goetia demons I thought that the process would be different but energy is still energy. Working with Sitri brought me results in making me being more sexually desirable but my target resisted. It was exactly the same thing.
I guess the principle of having to prepare the ground before doing a love spell applies to all forms of magic.
I should had thought about it too.
So for anyone who is planning to do a love spell it is important to do some sort of blockage removals or even souring of current relationships and other romantic rivals before doing the spell to get successful results.
Obviously, if there is distance between two people it is harder for them to create a bond in real life than if they lived close to each other. Real life bond is stronger form of energetic bond between two people.
In my opinion, a spell can be used as a temporary boost to help you create a real life bond before the spell wears off. Then when there is some connection it can be reinforced with a second love spell to give another boost to form even a closer connection. Something like feeding the bond until it is strong enough to sustain itself on its own.
I have seen people complaining that the love spell only gave them a short period of happiness with their target and then they both went their separate ways. When I tried to gather more details I saw that the person who had casted the spell was trying to use dating advice to make the target chase instead of taking advantage the small window to create memories and connection with the target. (You cannot expect that the spell will do all the work while you are just sitting there trying to be the subject of desire. You should treat it like a new friendship that needs attention and effort to work)
Finally I would like to add that I had seen some results when I used to work on sending energy to strengthen the bond between me and the target but because of the distance it was a constant work in progress. At some point I was feeling drained and I decided to stop.
I might make a separate post on how to do a successful love spell and explain all that I have gathered during the years of doing lots of love spells.


hi,can you share the spell the did ,i need it please

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please do. or is there already ? would love to know because m in the similar situation.

do u have any updates for us ?
how did it go after all this time?

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yes I have posted it.

thanks i overlooked it .

whats the best way to go about an spell like this? if the target is in contact but there are multiple third parties involved. do i limit the calls or go no contact all together? what if the target wont confess ? how do i know the spell has taken hold ?


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Ok, an update on my spell results:

After completing the original Obsession Spell and the ensuing results, I did a vinegar jar because he had that gf hanging about. Ok, well, he told me back in the autumn that they have split up. It seems to be circumstantial, things happening in her own personal life that have caused her to move away from him. My worry is that she will come back on the scene and he still has feelings for her, although I know the aim of the vinegar jar is permanent separation.

With regards to me, he is maintaining contact and initiating contact. The one barrier that I still have not managed to overcome is seeing him again physically. This is obviously very important. As mentioned, there is some geographical distance between us which doesn’t help but it’s certainly not impossible if we should want to organise a visit over a weekend for example. I’m not really sure what else I can do? He has to feel as compelled to see me as much as I want to see him.
Is it possible that the effects of the spell increase over time to make this happen or is this as far as it’s going to go? I’m not sure yet.


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I’m going through this exact thing I want the love of my life not everybody else

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does anyone have the answer to why is this so because I had a obssession spell casted on someone and I’m attracting alot of guys plus my exes are coming back. why isn’t my target reaching out as much