Obsession spell - what does this mean?

I recently did an obsession spell on someone. From the day after I did this I attracted lots of attention in my love life…two previous crushes added me on Instagram, my ex bf told me he was really turned on by me (and he’s not an overly sexual guy at all), and a guy I hardly know bumped into me, said hi then pursued me relentlessly through a friend if mine and hunted me down on social media to ask me out (I hardly know him, he’s been an acquaintance at best anx has never acted this way before)

My target (who lives at a distance so I am aware the magic will have to get around this somehow) had a few hours flirty chat with me online but seems to have withdrawn since.

My question is…is all the other love stuff a by product of the spell and a sign that it’s working?
It was all within a few days and definitely outside of the norm.
Also…why would the target suddenly become a bit withdrawn rather than obsessed?

Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.


I created a servitor for love purpose, i get the same results. One say after a man i know for years told me he wanted a threesome with me and his girlfriend, i receive some dicks pics without asking for of course, the guy i liked told me that i was the perfect woman etc…
I think it’s normal… but for me it didnt lasted except the threesome guy but i think he was interested by me for years.


how far away is the person that you desire from you?

200 miles. He’s on the mainland and I’m offshore. Why? What are your thoughts?

For things so far I like to link to the place i’m sending energy. I use pictures a lot, a favorite cologne or clothing left behind to create a strong emotional link thats focused. get as many of your senses involved.

When I cast something to the wind so to speak, the results you mention above are very common.


I did include his photograph as a link.

Just wondering if his hot behaviour followed by cold behaviour will ramp up again to hot?
Will the spell perhaps be making him feel kind of funny? I.e. why can’t I get her out of my head? So he cools off out of 'panic (using that word loosely)

I do feel thats the case, stay with it. Your changing someones will, so thats no easy task. Results will follow, have no doubt in your ability :slight_smile:


Thanks. I have a feeling I have some power/real potential as I’ve seen results from other spells in the past.
This guy likes me and is attracted to me already so that’s a start. The distance is the main obstacle plus any other chicks who could be on the scene/general life etc.
Thanks for your insight and words of encouragement. Yes, I do need to remember I’m changing his will.
When you say stick with it, is there anything else I should be doing or do you just mean keep the faith?


Keep faith



Yesterday I had the weirdest day. I sat home all day, weather was bad (often is where I live)
All I could think about was my target. I’m not the kind of person to sit around I always have stuff to do but yesterday I sat on the couch all day. I usually only do that if I’m ill.
Laundry didn’t get done. Dishes didn’t get done.
A friend phoned me and I said I don’t feel right today but they said I was just having a bad day.
Hours went by in a weird haze.

I got up today and suddenly wondered…am I imagining this or could this be related to my obsession spell? Honestly, I could get no peace of mind. All I could think of was my target and nothing else got done all day.
However, he’s the one that’s supposed to be obsessed, right? Not me?

I felt some relief when I noticed that he had finally read my Snapchat message but yet he hasn’t replied and I’m not sure what to think.

I’m a really down to Earth person but seriously, it was a restless day yesterday, like I was in torment.

Please will you tell me what you think?



I don’t know if that’s normal but I had something similar happen to me after I did work on someone. It was the first and last time I’ll ever mess with love spells or similar. I ended up losing myself, when this is very not me. I had crushes before, been heartbroken before and in hindsight my extreme reaction wasn’t me at all.


I’m just wondering if this is a by product of an obsession spell?
You eventually did see results though, right? Even if it wasn’t what you wanted in the end?


Oh yeah. He stalked me for a long time and I know he still around. It’s a question of time before he reaches out again.


Amazing. I’ve put love/lust/obsession spells on someone who won’t talk to me as well.

I would really like to just attract people to me in the general sense, romantically. What did you do to accomplish that? Maybe I should work on some kind of Glamour magic, or evoke and specifically ask for that.

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Well he did talk to me last week, over 3 hours, in fact it was until he was so tired he had to sleep because it was late and he had an early start. Now he’s gone quiet.
The attention from others happened from literally the morning after my spell and for a few days afterwards. That was not the result of another spell but perhaps a ripple effect from my obsession spell.
I see this as a sign my spell has taken root and was successful but I’m just waiting for my target to step forward now. Everything else seems to be happening!


The trick is just to let it do it’s work. This is where a foundation of meditation etc comes in. Just Trust and forget it. I know it’s hard :slight_smile:


i recently did a spell similar and got a similar experience, with the target being constantly on mind and things not getting done because of it. i began thinking about him so much i was restless and was as if only him answering me could make me feel better.
i was thinking it could possibly be the spell reversing onto the caster from obsessing too much on gaining results, but im unsure.

also on another note, my target also lives a distance away which only now occured to me could be a hinder to the spell/ speed of the spell. could you enlighten me a bit to how that works?


I don’t know how overcoming the distance works I just trust that it will.
Since I’ve seen other love interest signs plus my weird day yesterday I’m wondering if this is an encouraging sign rather than it being a sign if the spell reflecting back on to me.

Can you please tell me the spell that you used please

Yeah pls tell us the spell.

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