Hello beautiful people. May peace be with y’all.

Can someone help me- After started working with Dantalion, I woke up one day and decide to have something when I can channel his energy better.

I have a necklace with Dantalion’s sigil in it, I was thinking of using it as the object. I have not been wearing it for so long, for the past couple of days, I’ve been having it with me around my neck at all times.

I want to turn that necklace into a direct line to Dantalion so that whenever I wear it, I carry with me Dantalion’s energy.

In a video I was watching, E.A mentioned that carrying a sigil, amulet or talisman with you is very powerful. So ya, I’ve been thing it of doing it.

One problem is: I AM A NEWBIE. I have no idea how to do any of that stuff.

So, anyone knows how to do that and wouldn’t mind showing me? Like how to turn any objects and turn it into a talisman.

I am using this necklace because it is a Dantalion’s necklace. With his name and sigil. I also bought the necklace for that anyway soooo…

Ya, some help would be very much appreciated. lol

Also, anything I should be made aware of? For those of you who have experienced in that…any precautions?

Thanks for the help fellas!

Peace out!

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Have you cleansed the item, say, through incense smoke or something similar?

After it’s cleansed, you need to do something to consecrate the item to Dantalion. Yes, it’s his sigil, but by themselves, they’re just lines. Since you didn’t create the item yourself (not a dig), you’ll want to do some sort of personal ritual to imbue it with the intent of it being for Dantalion and to act as a gate for you.

The ritual itself can be as complicated or simple as you like. You could use the petition ritual in the tutorials, if you want something to go on. Instead of writing the petition on paper, you’d ask Dantalion to help the amulet become a representation and gateway.

I’m sure others could say more. It’s not an area that I work in often. I noticed this last night before bed and wanted to reply, since no one else has yet.

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Bump, @DarkestKnight thoughts

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I’m interested as well, I have a necklace with Lady Lilith’s sigil, and I thought it would already connect to her, since it’s her sigil (if I “opened” it)…so im curious on what the thoughts will be.

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