Numbers 22:22. WTF?

I see these numbers literally everywhere including my dreams.


What do they mean?

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Ya, I read it. But can you trust google in this specific question? First time I get these numbers after life changing experience with King Belial and once after building friendly relationships with angel Opfaal. But I still see 22:22 in other cases in my life. I feel that this is good sign, but I don’t understand what exactly it means and who or what sending me this sign

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I would say no. If you look at 50 sites you’ll get 30 different versions of what (if anything) it means.
The repeating number thing is actually quite common. I got it recently intensively for well over half a year a while back. Like almost every night waking up at one or more of 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 or 5:55. The numbers cropped up everywhere during daily life too.
Over time it gradually reduced and now only happens at co-incidence level frequency.

Does it mean anything? It may well be an indicator of something. But what I have no idea. Neither does google I would say.

@borgy is really good with this. Here’s a dedicated thread they created to help with numbers and such:


Good luck in your search for meaning. I’ve been getting hit with 3’s for a few years and have never really found anything concrete to explain them except it is a reoccurring pattern in my dreams

I’d go with your feeling there first. It’s basically pattern matching, and you could say your subconscious is alerting you to the pattern as an omen.

Since you feel good, I’d say it’s a wordless encouragement. Whatever you’re doing, it’s the right thing and you should keep doing it. :slight_smile: You’re on the right path, kind of thing.

The other thing you can do is work with your subconscious to train it to match the numbers to meanings you know. Pick one system, like say, Doreen Virtue’s ange numbers, or numerology, or gematria, not not more than one, and use only that. Read them through in advance and say out loud that these are the meanings you will apply from ow on. Do it 3 to 9 times on consecutive days for good measure.

Then the next time you get the numbers only refer to the meanings you chose. Be consistent and do not doubt and do not switch, and it’s plain sailing from there.

I use Doreen Virtue’s, but it doesn’t matter which one really. 555 means big change and I only get it when big changes are happening. Sometimes I know what they are sometimes it’s a heads up. The subconscious can definitely play Captain Obvious sometimes so it’s not always news.

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The number 222 usually presents itself after a period of uncertainty and chaos, mainly if you are experiencing an up and down situation, so you don’t know how the future will go, the number 222 is sent from what I call the original Matrix, and indicates the fact that everything will return to its balance and each one will be put in its place the good and the bad the right and the wrong, chaos returns to order and everything is ready to start again, usually 222 might be anticipated by the number 99 which indicates the end of that period (perhaps strange or particularly chaotic) the right sequence after 222 is 000 which indicates new beginning new road new period to take.

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My numbers are 2222

It has everything to do with your spiritual path. The 3’s are very powerful, ascended masters are near and teach.

Ascended masters mostly are spiritualists in life who’ve ascended here. Think of Buddha, Jesus, imo Lucifer.

They are teachers and when the numbers appear write down what your thinking/dreaming of. They easily give you an answer to a problem or help you overcome something.

It’s all about intuition.

See the number often, then you are guided.

Thinking of a specific person, entity then that’s the one that’s guiding you. Trust your intuition.

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The number basically tells you it’s going to be ok. Nothing to worry about.

Could be a manifestation you’re working on or something you worried about.

Number 2 tells us that something we focus on or prayed for, will be ok. It will come to us.

If the numbers appear, it’s good to pay attention of what your thoughts are/were, mostly you know then why the numbers appear.

For example i wanted to get out of the city and live in a village so i took action. And the moment i worried i got to see 222, 2222.

Take it easy, it’s going to be ok.


It means important decisions are made or to be made, and you should have faith, as luck is with you guiding you to make the right decision.