NPC, Astral and Servitor

Hello everyone,

Hope all of you are doing well. I have an idea, no tested yet, and would like your opinion about this.

When I go to the astral (not at will), I see some spirits, but, most of the time I see people that I can choose with my will what they’re gonna do. I think I am in the mental plane as described by Franz Bardon when it happens, so my own mental plane, my “bubble”.

I call thoses people/thoughtform NPC (Non Player Characters) as in video games.

Now Satanael gave me a method to create a servitor, but as lazyness is my biggest flaw, I just thought to myself : "Why not go to my mental plane, chose one of the NPC, say something like : as now on, I choose you to be my servitor, your name will be _____, your abilities will be _____ and your sigil will be ____.

This way I don’t need to concentrate on it’s appearance as it will be “prebuild”, and probably already charged as it comes directly from my mental plane.

What do you think ? It is possible ? As I cannot go there at will I have time to elaborate it or if it’s not possible I’m gonna do the old way.

Thanks for your answers.

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It sounds to me like the people in your mindscape are already your inventions, so you’ve started the work creating them, and reusing that effort just makes sense.

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Thank you for your answer ! :slight_smile:

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