Noticed Demons are drawn to individuals with strength

I wanted to mention something that I noticed with Demons, and I been having old memories stir up about certain things.

I been on a path of Self transformation. It has been really amazing. But what I have been learning is demons are drawn to a person with a strong Will, or strength in general. You can be strong in body, and be fucked up in the head. And from what I understand, Demons can be mischievous but it’s usually from my personal experience not malicious. But I have heard of extreme cases of demonic possession because the people possessed are dabblers, or deserve it. This happens because the person isn’t strong enough.

I have noticed an increase in understanding of demons and things in general ever since I started “power” meditation more often, I also noticed that when I focus on a sigil, it seems to naturally summon the demon without having to do a ritual, then I would noticed a series of incidents that my intuition picks up on a presence behind it. As I continue to work on myself. In everything I learned, demons are drawn to Strength/Power. A long time ago when I was new to demonolatry, when I first called on demons, everything was chaos. I didn’t understand back then, but I do now. Thanks to EA Koetting like he was transformed by Sorath. But it has taken me years to understand, I am 36 years old now. I don’t regret anything.

I think I also learned that people treat Demons like “what to buy” in order to have so “experience”, which is shallow, very materialistic. I also noticed with this approach to Demons, can piss them off or feel like you are wasting their time.

I do have one question though, how do I change my username on here?


I’m not sure you can. That would take administration to probably do that if possible. Something I’ve noticed besides strength is the act of “making it so” or “willing it to be.” Your will to manifest the outcome. I believe even thoughts can create your reality and I also believe in premonitions of seeing possible futures.

Now possession I often wonder about and obsession. I’m a devotee to lust in many ways and vibrational change is something I really look into. Like sex I often have wondered if channeling or possession can be utilized to vibrate your being. Sort of like the being you invoke to come in… go out… come in … .go out and may swirl your essences about. A spiritual elixir of melding and learning and invocation to me is quite intimate. Its not like I don’t enjoy learning and working the old fashioned way of tomes, experience, and such but I think a strong soul who isn’t afraid to lose it all by melding into the chthonic or spirit realms and drink up what they have to offer (if they so do offer) is worth the risk.

What do you mean by treating demons like “what to buy?” Do you men pacts or do you mean using them like dispensing machines to garner earthly things and relationships? Honestly, I find it just a thrill to work or attempt to work with them. The freedom they offer is a taste one always craves.


Message @Lady_Eva with the new name you would like. :slight_smile:

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Agreed. Fortes Fortuna Juvat. Often mistranslated as fortune favors the bold but it’s closer to fortune favors the strong.

Be as close to a god as you can get before speaking with them. Make your body and mind your slave. Punish your body to make strong your soul. Have something worth working on but that’s my opinion only. Who the hell am I to pretend I understand demons.


You are correct… I love demons for who they are… I have been probing demonology for about 2 years and yes I agree people use them in a materialistic way… Disgusting, selfish and self centred… I started like that too but now with a demon mentor he has helped me change for the better… Now he and I have a very special bond. I trust him more than my family and friends… He answer me truthfully and protects me and I sit down with him and include him in my meals and drinks… No sex… Its not that kind of relationship… We respect one another… I have told him I want to serve him and work along side him in the afterlife… He is my rock… He is my foundation… He is my strength…


I can do that. :smiley:

Usernames need to start and end with a letter or number and the system can only do underscores or hyphens within the name, not spaces. You can check if the name you want is already taken by typing the @ symbol, then the name you want without a space between, it will autocomplete to that name if it’s already used.

Send it to me exactly as you want it because I will copy it and paste it in. :+1:


Okay. I want my username to be Strongone1983 or Strongone83.

people treating demons like someone selling a product they want, for materialistic gain only.

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I am almost sure most beings are drawn to people with strength unless the specific being wants a weak willed person to control. Which can be any being from Gods, Demons, Angels, Yokai, etc.

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yeah! Having conditions of a relationship with a certain demon, like for an example Belial, how would one have conditions of a relationships to where both parties are benefiting? It makes perfect sense if you have the resources, the will, to make a change, (working hard) for them to notice it and will assist you when you are really wanting to make a change especially one that can lead you to personal enlightenment.

Demons also I forgot to add, I have noticed its not just the strong but I noticed most of them have an attitude of being noble and sophisticated. I guess they have ranks for a reason.

What’s so bad about posession? Don’t Black magicians encourage it?

They encourage beneficial possession, not random possession just because it sounds cool, or allowing any random entity into your body. As there are people who will just about do anything to be possessed by literally anything.

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Strongone83 is the stronger username :wink:

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I like your take on this! I am just starting to work with daemons and i have to say it has been only good things from it. Granted my life is chaos to begin with but the ones I invite in have been helpful, kind and compassionate to me. Something my life has been lacking for a long while. And while I do have my own struggles with mental impairments I have a very strong will and stubborn streak a mile wide. So i think it helps balance it out. Lol


So there’s nothing inherently bad or wrong about possession?

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Inherently no, just some people aren’t that bright when dealing with entities and possession xD

I’ve noticed entities are attracted to chaotic spirits. I wonder does that add to the strength that attracts them?

It might. I know thats a non answer. I’m highly creative and sensative to energy and spirit. And I know chaos is the prime creative force. So there might be a strong link between the two. I also know that people living in chaos, at least the kind I’m thinking of, generally have strong spirits. I mean I could be waaaaay off too.

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Well yeah, a strong will to able to evolve yourself is a good thing. I am stubborn too. :slight_smile:

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There’s a difference between possession and channeling a spirit. Possession from what I understand is going against your will or it’s the same as a jealous lover who is possessive of their partner not letting them do anything or wreak havoc and not a good thing. Especially if a person have a weak will.

In my opinion I think possession borderlines with obsession and usually having obsessive thoughts usually means the person is prone to problems especially mental ones, or may be depressed or mentally ill or just plain crazy. And if you are delving into dark arts with a mental disorder… um yeah, let’s just hope one can keep their sanity if they had any to began with.

Mental strength (as well as emotional) along with physical strength seems just about right to a demon in being attracted because behind the strength and a will, why would a demon be drawn to such individuals? I feel like its because if you are strong and able to get things done or at least work your ass off for it, then you will receive assistance because it allows the demons to influence or materialize on this earth for whatever ends they have in mind. I also feel that is how having a patron or matron demon works when you make a pact.

Anyway that’s my two cents concerning possession.

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