Nothing I did was working - Now it will! How to transmute complete hoplessness into full blown utter SUCCESS!


I have tired candle love spells, petitions, water spell and jar spell but nothing seems to be mystifying it self. I have had no kind of communication or anything from the person I am trying to bring to me. I don’t want else to do. I need to find something that will work for me to bring my ex back. I knownits been 14 days since we broke up and 8 since last communication. I am trying really hard to do the no contact and let my work fo its job. But I am starting to get a bit restless. I thought by now I would have some type of sign my works are working. Any advice what else I can do? I read about sigils but dont know nothing about it and also about calling upon different spirits but I am very scared really to call uopn them and have them lurking around my home because I have children. Recently too i have had a bad feeling being scared and seeing things out of the corner of my eye and getting spooked for no reason, so to call upon them, I believe will add even more to wanta going on in my house. Please help. Thank you.


Your doing everything right but one thing. You are dwelling on what you want to manifest when you should just sit back and somewhat forget about it. Give it time and patience.


Btw if you want help with sigils let me know. I’m good with them. Best of luck to you.


First off: Keep with the no contact. You guys broke up too reacently, so you are desperate. That means you’re not being yourself and every way of communication will go wrong. No one likes to be with a desperate person.

Second: Give it time!! It’s only been 8 days!

Third: Love spells work, but if you don’t put on the mundane work, they won’t do much. Meaning? You guys broke up for a reason, if you don’t change the thing that made him broke up with you he’s not gonna come back.


Yes i how can i use it. I am new to all this.

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I really can’t tell if you’re doing the spells right or not. Maybe they’re done correctly, maybe not. Seeing signs of the outcome depends on how the spell itself is designed and the forces you used in the ritual. In some cases you would see those signs, other times nothing and the manifestation just happens.

If you’re doubting your skills you can ask someone to cast the spells for you. But in any case you need to let go of the desire. I understand how you feel but 14 days is really nothing for a spell to work. Some spells may work after 3 to 6 months. So you need to find a way to overcome your lust for results even if you’ll hire a spellcaster.


Also, I know it’s the hardest part for all of us who work with magick to bring ex’s back, but try not lusting for results. To do this you need to take your mind off of him. Try meditating, seeing friends, seeing your family, doing sports etc.


Too much work in a 14 day period. It means you’re not letting go of the outcome. Even now you’re asking what more you can do. And you will probably want to try another spell tonight if you find one.

Let me tell you from someone who came here trying to get an ex back, your desperation is going to kill your magick. Do one spell, with all your intent and energy, and leave it. Or, you can do the petition ritual from Demons of Magick 3 nights in a row like @PrinceX usually suggests, and leave it. Don’t do anymore spell work on your ex for a couple months. Believe the magick will work. This the second most important part of ex work. Letting go of the outcome and believing your magick will work without obsessing about other magick. But it’s not the first.

The first and most important thing in ex work… move on. Not try to trick yourself in your mind to move on ‘so the magick will work’. Really get ready to move on with your life. Accept that you may never get back together, and move on with your life. If you don’t, you’ll always lust for the result of your ex coming back, and they will keep moving further away as a result.


Why do you wanna go back to the same person who broke your heart?
Nothing logical in that. As someone already said “you are desperate”.
I do love to love and be loved too but there are boundaries.
Lost friends and lost love have a reason to stay in our past.
But if you want your love back go ahead but there will be a hefty price to pay.


Well. I tend to make my own sigils to manifest what i want. First you come up with what you want to manifest. For example say that you want to be lucky you would make a sentence saying I am lucky. Always use a positive afirmation as if it already happen. Cross out all the vowels. I E O A and U. Your left with MLCKY. Make sure to cross out all repeating letters so theres only one of each. Now you twist bend and mix the letters together until they dont look like letters. Make it look like a symbol. You can add different things to the symbol you now have. Such as dots or swigles or what not. Next you charge the sigil then activate it. You can burn, or bury the sigil to activate it. But try to forget the meaning. Then the sigil will manifest what you asked for. Thats pretty much it. Its easy.


Thank you @Leon15

Maybe, just maybe, whatever caused you both to split needs time to be resolved.

By your post, it seems that you’re desperately holding onto the results, hence you keep doing more workings. Once you’ve done it, you need to completely detach yourself from it and let the magick do it’s thing. This is the difficult part.

The best thing you can do is to focus on that which makes you happy, excited, filled with joy. This can’t be your relationship or partner. When you raise your vibration, the magick works so much better.


@The_Wizard_Rudra thank you.

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Do other workings like healing work or money magic to get your mind off of him. When I was doing my love workings I got way to much into it.


@Purple thank you

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Assuming you have done all the above things mentioned and you still can get your mind of the results you are looking for!

This is what you can do:
-Any time it comes to mind, try to remember a feeling of joy, happiness from anytime of your life.
-Stick with that feeling for sometime. When you know you have got it ( the happy feeling).

-Picture yourself in 9 months or 2 years in time. Feeling good ( joy, happiness or anything good).
You got what you wanted from all your magickal workings or what you thought mattered that much seemed not to matter again!

Do this every time you ponder if your desire will manifest. It takes a bunch of pressure away from your magick.

PS: You can do this in trance to pin to an external stimuli ( like pinching yourself or raising your index finger), i.e Anchoring, so that next time you lust about any magick result, feeling down or trying to forget sth, you can just raise your finger and you feel with great beautiful energy!


14 days and no results?

Try a year :joy:


@Illumia Thank you

Hello, could you give me some advice on sigil? I need help on them as well…

I’ve been exactly where your at! I’ve done 4 candles myself and hired two different people to do them for me and still had No luck and I haven’t spoken to this guy since February he even blocked my phone number which says he never does!

But, let me tell you this don’t be surprised if you get sent someone new. You need to go out and do you and basically not think about him. Focus on yourself… and remember do not absolutely do not contact him at all! Don’t check his social media or ask about him nothing… I had a hard time doing that as well… sometimes if it just wasn’t meant to be it just wasn’t and you’ll just find someone 10x better who will enter your life if you allow it.

Good luck!