Notes and recipes

Thank you so much!:heavy_heart_exclamation: I will keep this updated until she’s back. I really appreciate your help!

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No problem at all. She looks precious, and should be home safe. I hope you find her soon.

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Craziest thing I was just preparing an offering for Bastet and I heard Stella’s voice somehow. I just ran around outside chasing her and finally brought her home.
She’s filthy and I have no idea where she went or how she came back. We had been searching for 1.5 days nonstop taking shifts (me on night shift)
Many thanks for all the help from @Mythopoeia and goddess Bastet!


That’s great news! I’m glad she’s back :slight_smile:

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The timing was just amazing I had just poured her a glass of red wine for offering and was setting up my altar when I heard my cat’s voice and then ran around outside (no shoes or pants lol it was 4am…) and found her. We had checked that area and the vicinity many times. Earlier in the evening, my partner and I laid out trails of cat treats and catnip leading from all directions towards the house. I’m guessing she heard my voice at some point (wandered around or hours calling her name, searching trees and bushes) and then followed the trails back home.
I found her in the field behind our backyard.

I’m so grateful for goddess Bastet, and all the help and support from people who offered help or advice.
Thanks again @Mythopoeia- it means a lot to me that you helped too!

Goddess Bastet oil:
Catnip, chamomile, frankincense, myrrh, jasmine, lavender, red clover, Egyptian musk, tigers eye stones and a small piece of quartz

Other offerings: Egyptian musk incense, catnip, red wine, a small orgone pyramid with tigers eye, rose quartz, phantom quartz, powdered selenite and copper shavings

Thank you all so much!:heart_eyes_cat::paw_prints::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hail Freya, Hail Murmur, Hail Cimeries!


I found this huge dead cicada on my doorstep, so I encased it in epoxy resin with some green glow pigment

Then, I tried to incorporate it into a massive pyramid for my Beelzebuth altar, using aura quartz point, shungite, selenite powder, ghost quartz, obsidian, red jasper, and metal shavings (copper, bronze, brass), but the cicada is barely visible now in pictures.


I also made some orgone cones - this one has a (dead) bumblebee, rose quartz, flowers (rose, lavender, elderflower, chamomile, white Dutch clover), bronze shavings
Each has its own combination of various crystal chips and/or metal shavings and/or herbs
From left to right: citrine + quartz + copper + brass
; purple fluorite + blue kyanite + bronze + brass; rose quartz + flowers + bumblebee; amazonite+ citrine + bronze + copper

I also made this orgone skull with (top to bottom): super seven, selenite powder, ghost quartz, herbs (lucid dreaming mix), amethyst, bronze, copper, cyanite, a small inner core of brass/bronze/copper, epoxy resin

More mini pyramids

Left (base to tip): quartz, red rose, brass, fluorite, obsidian, selenite powder
Right (base to tip): selenite powder, blue kyanite, bronze, copper, pink moonstone, super seven

Money spell on new moon with goddess Bastet. I’m going to continue to work with and learn about Bastet

I’ve also started working on a spreadsheet for crystals (like the herbs datasheet, but with crystals). It could be a while until I get close to finishing it because I’m starting from scratch and still need to buy a few books. So far, its info is based off what I could find on the internet

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I had 2 readings recently- 1 indicated strong place of emotions in decision making, 1 was an aura read that indicated light blue, which is a color I see a lot. The blue that I see actually leans more towards a light indigo than light blue- more like the color of faded blue jeans.
When I close my eyes, I usually see some color or combination of colors and blue is the most common one - it’s just been like that for me since I was very young. My mind is very rarely blank or solid black, and I usually need to spend some time to get my mind blank. A light indigo blue is also the first color I see when I’m able to astral project like a flash of it and then I’m out.

Speaking out loud or sharing on social media gives me anxiety and communication is definitely not my strong suit

Anyway, I’ve been making a bunch of new mini-projects - herb and crystal spreadsheets, orgone pyramids/cones/skulls, planning new herb “recipes” for candles and oils

Tonight’s goals: do a few (overdue) readings for self/friends, do some kind of money spell to get my new (work-in-progress) Etsy shop going.

Orgone pyramids

Left to right: 1 Fluorite + Brass + Study mix herbs, Agate ; 2 Selenite + Shungite + Fluorite + Brass + peace/harmony mix herbs ; 3 Fluorite + Brass + Protection Herbs ; 4 Snowflake Obsidian + Amethyst + Amazonite + Selenite + Moon Herbs ; 5 Citrine + Green Aventurine + copper and brass + money drawing herbs

Left to right: 1: Amazonite, Brass, Copper, Money drawing herbs, Tigers eye ; 2: Pink moonstone, tiger’s eye, selenite, shungite ; 3: Super seven, pink moonstone, copper, blue kyanite, selenite ; 4 Super seven, shungite, fluorite ; 5 Tigers eye, rose quartz, phantom quartz ; 6 Phantom quartz + shungite + brass + quartz, copper

This next huge one is intended to use for necromancy and has a real human vertebrae inside. It’s also glow in the dark but it’s light out now, so I’ll update later with the glow. It also has quartz point, copper, red jasper, obsidian


Started a crystals datasheet, kinda like the herb one, but with crystals. It’s not finished- I have it sorted by elements, planets, and chakras, but functions will take a while. Zodiac signs should be done soon
Link here

This one’s my favorite orgone pyramid for necromancy with a human vertebrae; Lemurian quartz point; copper, aluminum, bronze shavings; selenite, iolite, amethyst, ghost quartz, titanium coated quartz, and herbs (Acacia, Bay, Cypress, Dittany of Crete, Elderflower, pinch of Graveyard dirt, lavender, mullein, patchouli, Mugwort, Willow, Wormwood, Yarrow) with sprigs of lavender and cypress in the base



Why does the candle flame look like a pen15

I’m out by lake George with my family and my partner. They went to bed early, so I decided to do a ritual outside and it’s such an eerie atmosphere at night. There’s this loud croaking of toads (?) everywhere and an occasional splashing sound in the water.
I took some photos before packing up to go back inside.


Lake felt busy like it was bustling with activity. The first picture was before starting and the rest were taken before packing up to go inside.

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It’s quiet without the nightly bullfrog concert at the lake. I’m visiting the cemetery for the first time in over a year to collect graveyard dirt and maybe visit an old friend (a tombstone I used to visit a lot). I’ve wanted to go but avoided it out of fear of repeating last summer’s weird prolonged episode of blackout/psychosis. I have fragments of journal entries to go off of, but I remember thinking I was possessed and maybe I was. I don’t know could have not cleansed properly after a visit. I didn’t want to risk mucking it all up again and spending a small fortune on the medical bills after. But enough of this self-fearmongering
I paid for a reading from someone I found on Etsy. I waited and decided it felt right, that I can trust this person, so I paid to get a better understanding of what psychic “gifts” I can work on or something. I learned I’m a medium, which I suspected but always doubted as signs of mental illness. In 2010, I was briefly misdiagnosed with schizophrenia, then later my psychiatrists changed my diagnosis to schizoaffective or bipolar. Even then though, I’ve never met another person with the same diagnosis that I could relate to. They’d also always question if I had the same mental illness at all / that there was another explanation. I’ve been taking heavy psych meds ever since.
Today I randomly opened up a page from my copy of EA’s Baneful magic and landed on this page. This excerpt describes that pervasive loneliness perfectly

As I accumulate more sober time, I feel lonelier, but also like my senses are opening more. I’ve never been this sober/clean from substances since I was 12. I remember seeing/hearing things others around me didn’t for as long as I can remember, but I always wrote it off as signs of being “crazy”.
There’s this memory I reflect on sometimes, maybe the only other time besides last summer that I felt so disconnected from my body or the world.
This memory was in college when I tried salvia. I’d used hallucinogens before (LSD, DMT) so I thought I could handle it. I don’t know what happened but I found myself in this technicolored world with endless patterns within patterns, so much detail. I didn’t have a body and my memories of this world started to fade quickly. I was continuously rolling out on this endless conveyor belt-like thing that had all these eyes, boxes of other versions of “reality” and a synchrony of little pipsqueak voices all around. There was a point I’d forgotten my own face and couldn’t recall my name, so I was scared, but there wasn’t anything I could do to come back at the time.
When I did return, after what felt like hours, it had only been 10-15 mins. I remember feeling like I fell back into my body from very high in the sky and felt the mattress under me sink as I fell hard into my body. The physical world around me fell into place in layers and I was relieved that I came back.
It was the weirdest OBE and I’ve never had drug induced experiences like that. Even today, I haven’t tripped as hard as I did that time despite that I’ve taken heavier doses of heavier hallucinogens. It’s something I fear- what if one day I don’t “come back”?
By then, my friends had somehow moved me to my bed and I stayed put. While I was in that weird colorful place/other world, in this world, my friends told me I actually fainted, but then suddenly sat straight up with angry eyes glaring at them. I don’t recall this but apparently I then attacked them physically, so they huddled around with a group bear hug to restrain me until whatever that was passed, so I wouldn’t hurt myself or others. At that time, they were my closest friends, but they had never seen that kind of rage in me before and although admittedly, I am a generally anger-prone person, it didn’t sound like something I would do. It didn’t sound like my own anger, but like it came from something else. They didn’t recognize my eyes.
I’ve always felt like I didn’t fit in, like I didn’t experience / perceive this world the same way “normal people” do. But now I think I’m grateful for it?

I am also very excited to use this paint


One of my closest friends and former classmate has been visiting for the week until Monday and we’ve been just walking around exploring the city. I realized there’s so much of it I haven’t seen or thought to check out before. I honestly didn’t really go anywhere before unless it was drug related or back and forth to school, and when I did venture out, it wasn’t something I paid much attention to.
I’m pretty much moved into NYC again after a while at my mom’s. For 2-3 years, we and some other residents filed a lawsuit together for our former landlords in Brooklyn renting out units illegally, and for a lot of structural things not being up to code, some of them deemed dangerous to live in by an architect our lawyer consulted. We saved a lot of money withholding rent payments, as our lawyer advised us to, but the whole thing is kind of just stagnating and we have no idea how much longer it will go on or if it could all change over a few days and we find ourselves without a place to live. It’s a relief to move into a more permanent address and we’ll transition into the next chapter of our lives together. It’s definitely more family friendly but the thought of having a child still scares me and I feel like my partner is in the same boat. Both our families want us to just get married and have kids soon. My father said I would regret it if I don’t, but it’s not up to him or anyone but me and my partner.
Anyways, my friend and I have been exploring the city and I found a few more Santeria and hoodoo shops. I never really just randomly stumbled upon so many such shops before. I’ve been to these neighborhoods before, but must’ve just missed them? Now I’ve found 4 shops in Queens and Spanish Harlem that are shelved with so many herbs, essential oils, candles, incenses, Santa Muerte figurines, etc… I’m very happy. Today I just got some Palo Santo sticks and chips, oud, and myrrh resin.
I’ve also started setting up my new altar/temple in our apartment in one of the 2 bedrooms we are using as a joint workspace/home office.
It just goes to show that there’s no such thing as “not having enough space to do magick related things”- we have a pretty humbly sized living space, like most in the city, but it’s not like I need any more space for my new home temple / shared office than what I expect to end up using. About half a NYC room is plenty if you make it so.


Crazy I found 3 more hoodoo and wiccan stores today. The last one was probably the one I would go back to as the others were very overpriced. If anyone’s in NYC and looking for a place to get herbs, stones, oils, etc…I have some recommendations now
My friend and I got palm readings today but I’m not sure how accurate. She got some things about my past right but I was surprised to hear I should have had a 2 year old kid by now, and am destined to have up to 4 kids and 7 grandkids. I am not sure if I’m going to have kids at all- the thought of it just scares me, I don’t see myself as a mother, and I don’t want to give up my future career in medicine to take care of kids- it’s not fair to them to have a half-assed part-time mom and it’s not fair to patients to have an exhausted burnt out doctor. If I’m going to do it I want to do it right, not just because I’m “supposed” to.
That’s not to say that all mothers who work as doctors are half assed or incompetent, but I feel that would be the case with me

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One good thing about having an excess amount of orgone / crystal pyramids is that it is good for plant growth. My mom’s veggie patch exploded over the course of 4 days.
Queens: I am also pretty much moved into my partner’s new apartment now - just need to move a few more things including a closet full of herbs and the cat. I also need to transfer to another methadone clinic. I celebrated 2 years clean from opiates on 6/18.

Last night/this morning I evoked Lilith
I made a few things for her and put them in the triangle of manifestation
I took a few photos for record-keeping/ because the flame looked interesting. I put a little bit of the Lilith herb mix 2 (recipe below) mixed with a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol in this copper bowl I’ve been using as a cauldron

Lilith herb mix #2 :
Cinnamon, comfrey, dragons blood, hibiscus, jasmine, jezebel root, mullein, mugwort, red sandalwood, roses, wormwood

Things I made for Lilith (used in evocation ritual)

Orgone pyramid- Lilith
Top to bottom: lemurian quartz point, copper, selenite, bloodstone, carnelian, garnet, obsidian, red jasper, with core of copper/brass/bronze/iron shavings, Lilith herb mix #2

Lilith Orgone Skull 1: rainbow moonstone, selenite, carnelian, selenite again, Lilith herb mix 2, obsidian, bloodstone , with core of metal shavings (aluminum, brass, bronze, copper)

Skull 2:
Top to bottom: ghost quartz, iron and shungite (black layer), bloodstone, rainbow moonstone, obsidian, selenite again, iron and shungite (black base)

I kinda like how iron shavings and shungite powder are like black dye in resin (I didn’t use any black dye in the skull above or in the picture below):

On the other side is elderflower, lavender, and a little powdered selenite (why it’s a little cloudy)

This is just a knife from a restaurant we ate at this week. I kinda want to do something like this but I dunno what yet.

My arms are also breaking out in hives and rashes for the past month now for no apparent reason. My skin is peeling in some spots from scratching so much because it’s sooo itchy. The doctor I saw last week was useless and just prescribed some steroid for the itch. I might have to see a specialist or something. I can’t take an allergy test because of another meditation I take that supposedly blocks whatever they use in allergy tests (what I was told by an allergist). I guess next stop is dermatologist


Woops I just realized I left out garnets in skull 2- it is between the black iron/shungite layer and the bloodstone layer

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Haha I am just allergic to epoxy resin and latex gloves apparently don’t do anything to protect your skin from the stuff. Nitrile gloves are the way to go. Vinyl’s alright too.
I found this at Walmart today- looks just like the servitor I bought from Keteriya, about a year and a half ago, so I had to get it.
Going to sew it onto my wallet or jacket. (?)

I also made a jar of this
Divination herbs mix #2
Acacia (powder)


My dad’s traveling back to China today after visiting for a few weeks, so I made a safe travels sachet for protection and stress/anxiety relief. He travels a lot.

Safe travels/ Travel protection sachet (can also use for Gris Gris, spell jars)
Boneset Comfrey
High John the Conqueror
Tiger’s Eye crystal