Not sure i summoned Prince Seere?

A year ago i did the mistake of summoning as a total beginner.
I set up the table with a altar, drink offerings, a candle and a art offering.
I fasted the whole day and took a shower before the summoning.

Now on how i did the ‘‘summoning’’…
I did it during the night, I basically just used a sigil, mediated for a little, chanted enns and prayed to him.
After i was done with that i had a feeling that he was here, i didnt see him or hear him but i communicated with him through pyromancy divination.

We communicated through yes/no answers for 6 minutes max. For some reason i started feeling anxious at that moment (im a anxious person in general) and asked him a stupid question if he is bad or plans to hurt me and he didn’t answer that and communication after that became hard. So i said my goodbyes to him and went to sleep.
I didnt get a bad vibe from him or anything, i just found it weird how after that one question communication got harder.

How else are you supposed to learn? If you learned something, and you gained experience, which you did, I think you can count it as a success regardless of the outcome. :smiley:

Now do the same thing a few more times, ask different questions, keep practicing, build experience and keep learning. :+1:


I will, im trying to better my senses for next time so i can maybe sense the deity when they are here.
Because i would have no idea he was here if he wasnt moving the fire.

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