Not compassionate?

Okay lol i will
Cuz im sooo doone !
I have ven putting up with this shit for 6 yrs ans yet only make my already 15 yrs of my life worse …cuz lile i said i have trust issies and a very broken heart over it


I think personally that’s better for you. It sounds that the relationship with him is not good at all for you.

And as @Mind_Seeker20 said, this is a moment you could use to heal an growing up in some aspects of your life, and maybe getting a healthier relationship with a human and/or spirit




Thats probably why he left for someine else bc i was starting to discipline him
He was saying she was more conpassionate​:smiley::smiley::joy: * his dick talks * big mad or little mad !

To be honest i went thro everything that man jad listed on his post that u gave me to read and as soon as i had put ny foot down he left to be with someone else bc i was not torlerating his mood swings ans shit but i have to say it was kinda my fault he got this way mabye bc i might have spoiled him too much in the past but still now his a spoiled little brat

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