Noob and his servitor

Hello there!

I recently learned about servitors, and tried creating one. Here, I just want to share my noob experience.

Firstly, my senses are barely open :slight_smile:

I had a name, purpose, housing, feeding and look planned, and began creation in my mind. The main purpose was to show its form in my dreams, and make it lucid, and make me remember it. I programmed it to feed strictly on light, and housed it in a crystal. I made it specifically to be a being of the light, needing only light to survive, to never harm but only do good to all, and obey only me. I also programmed it to look sort of like a sexy succubus because, well you know, it was supposed to show up in my dreams and be naughty :grin:

After a few days with no success to the mission (which was fine - I expected it might take a few week to get going), I asked it how it was going. Now, remember my senses are barely open. Only things I’ve experienced so far, with regards to open senses, is I’ve seen images clear as day when meditating (mosty random things like one tree after the other, or raindrops in a puddle of water) which was, however, significant to me. A couple of times I’ve had a very strong sense of entities around me - one so good, in lack of better terms, that it simply left me in awe. Also, I’ve alway had a very good read on people.That’s it though, so I wasn’t really expecting much of an asnwer but like I said, I have an open mind :slight_smile:

I got the feeling that the answer was that this servitor was still in it’s infancy, and therefore not yet able to do its taks. All good. Next day I aksed it to show itself to my inner eye. What I saw however, surprised me, as it was nothing like the form I’d created. Instead I saw 6-7 qucik but clear images of differend kinds of bloody teeth - like bloody vampire smiles of different kinds. I thought to myself, that’s rediculous!

Next day, though, I got the sensation of beeing siphoned from my right side, which is where the crystal was. I reaffirmed that this servitor was only to feed on light, and put the crystal in the window to my left. A little later, same feeling from the left side.

Perhaps my imagination, who knows. Still, I ended up releasing the energy back to the Universe - which is something that I put in the programming, that is, that some day this would happen, and the servitor would be happy with joining the Universe as free energy once again.

I visualized the energy blow into the wind. However, right after I sort felt like some of the energy went back to me instead. I washed the now empty crystal, and put it away.

That was my first experience with this. Some interesting events for a closed-sense guy such as myself.

If you have any thoughts on the matter, I welcome them :slight_smile:

Hope you’re all well!



My best guess is that by giving it the image of a succubus you may have unconsciously programmed it with vampiric potential via your unconscious associations with succubi.

Naturally it was using this potential to speed up its own viability and strength by gathering energy.

It’s interesting to wonder if that potential would’ve stayed dormant if you were continually charging/feeding it in it’s “infancy”.


You’re light, too.

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Arachnos and Pandora, you have some fantastic thoughts there :grin:

That makes good sense. I guess I’ll have to be more considerate with my images and the subconscious assosiations in the future. In this case the imaging was perhaps out of alignment with the rules. I should use imaging that strengthens the rules instead.

And yes! That’s a nice catch of a loophole there! I guess I am light too, so in principal one could say it was still following the rules, sort of. Gotta be specific next time. SUNLIGHT!!! :grin:

Thank you both!

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And yes, I’m curious as well about that. I did not care much for the feeling of slowly being drained, though, so I took no chances and ended it.

I consider these experiences as a huuge result though. The fact that I got the images and actually felt anything is loads of progress for my first try, I feel.

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I’ve read several books on servitors. The recommendations are that they should have several sources of food and that feeding them your own energy (attention, gratitude, emotions…) is far more powerful than telling them to feed on sunlight or something like that.

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Arh, so one has to be specifc on the attention-part…

I figured that my attention would automatically feed it, and I didn’t want to put anything in the programming that started with ‘feed on my…’ to avoid the issue that I ended up with anyway :slight_smile:

So, perhaps simply programming it to also feed on my attention would be safe, and it wouldn’t start to somehow attact my attention all the time, and affect me in that way?

And then, as you mention, give it several other food sources as well, instead of just one.

I haven’t heard of this happening. I think that using your attention makes even more sense if it’s a servitor you want to hang out with, as opposed to one who works on something that doesn’t involve spending time with you.

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Okay, thank you! I’ll give that a try next time :smiley: