I hope you will share your experiences about these specific servitor questions

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I’m making this post hoping that some of you will share your experiences. I have here a few specific questions that I think would be interesting to hear about.

Now, before I list them, let me quickly say that I just recently made my first post here but have been reading a lot of posts. I’ve found tons of threads on thought-forms, Servitors, Egregores and more but I still make this post because there are specific things that may not have been shared already.

Also, let me add that I shared my one and only servitor experience in this post.

Perhaps you’d like to weigh in on just one of these points, maybe more. Here we go:

1. What is the most tangible or obvious result you’ve ever gotten with you servitor? I mean, it seems to me that the potential here is wonderfully humongous, and that makes me wonder just how far some of you might have taken this. Especially for me, with pretty closed senses, and being new to servitors, specifically, this it interesting. If your senses are wide open, I guess seeing or feeling results is quite obvious but for those with more closed senses more tangible or obvious results can be more encouraging and interesting, both to read about but also to possibly use as inspiration for own experiments.

2. What is the most powerful servitor you’ve ever created? How do you, personally, measure or define this power? Why do you consider it more powerful than others you may have created?

3. What is the cleverest design you’ve ever made? Let me elaborate… I’ve seen people describe very nifty features that I wouldn’t have thought about myself, or simply using servitors for things that I would not have thought of, and since it seems most limits here are set by our imagination I’d like to hear about any kind of novel, crazy or out there ideas, or perhaps nifty tricks to get better results faster. I try to gather all sorts of ideas to make a list of possibilities for inspiration. I don’t want to narrow it down, though, so feel free to interpret the question in any way you like.

4. How do you experience your servitors? If your senses are closed, perhaps you just wait for results and hope they are obvious enough that it seems unlikely that the result was pure coincidence…? If your senses are wide open, well do tell!

5. Did you ever manage to heal something physical with a servitor? I mean, that would be a taller order than a lot of other tasks, right? Perhaps healing an allergy or something like that?

6. Did you ever try creating a servitor while on the astral plane? This way you should be able to see your creation take form…?

7. What the best experience you ever had with servitors?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’d care to share your own experiences on one or more of these points :slight_smile:

Hope you all well out there!




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I guess that depends on if you mean me personally or servitors I’ve made for others. Personally, probably tasking a servitor to earn my so much money within the next week and then selling just over that amount in my shop within three days- consistently, over the last nine months or so, I’ve had a need like this at least every other month, sometimes more frequently, and I’ve never been let down. Ever.

Luna, link can be found in my profile. I measure her as the most powerful simply because she is the most tested. There is more feedback from Luna in her thread, my pms and my email than I see for many spirits on the forums, let alone servitors.

Honestly, the sky’s your limit. If you can believe it can be done by spiritual means, appropriately apply an energy source and be patient to either wait for the servitor to figure out how to do it, or figure out how to get them the knowledge on how- then anything magically possibly is possible with a servitor, imop- ymmv.

Most people experience it like a one way/long distance call. Something they dial the number for, but then they can’t be sure they actually left the message on the machine for, so let’s call one more time to be sure the message went through.

Maybe not most, but that’s the sort of thing I hear most often with my servitors, when it comes to those who do not have open senses. Maybe they thought they saw or heard something, but man they doubted it… until something happened thst shouldn’t have and they said oh. Fck this might be real, because I just… inset random desire here. Maybe it’s their ex text then when they’ve been blocked for six months or the air around them changed and they slept good for the first time in a week. Varies by person, how developed the senses are, etc.

Otherwise, I’ve written multiple threads on the topic, and at least in the replies I’ve talked about how I experience spirits and if somehow not, I know one or both of my journals touch on it. It’s complicated, not enough space or time here to re detail.

Eh. Guess that depends on what you mean by heal. I’ve never healed a long term chronic illness, however I’ve pulled animals back from the edge of death upon occasion, emotional helped in healing others, and so forth- but not with servitors. Servitors I’ve used to transmutate bad feelings and energies into good ones, into good thoughts etc, but not specifically anything meant to heal, particularly chronic or long term Illnesses.

No, but the process I follow for creation means I can see them overlapping our plane towards the later stages before I send them to their owners. I used to be really embarrassed by what I experienced because I have aphantasia so I can’t imagine in pictures… yet I was having fantasy like images of the servitors I created- @anon48079295 Amd Oisin are an example- I was legitimately surprised when he verified several of the things I saw in regards to his servitor, as it was one of the first I openly shared.

Probably my money making servitor. Her task is to find the right people for what I do and she does it consistently, as long as I task her consistently.

Edit; on my phone, inebriated and should be sleeping but saw the tag on the way to pee, so sorry for typos and bull shit!!!


Thank you for your detailed reply, Keteriya! That’s really cool and interesting!

Yes, sooo many possibilities. It gives me back the feeling a bit of being a kid again in a brand new world full of unexplored possibilities and potential.

In my research about servitors, I actually found your Etsy shop a little while ago but didn’t know until just now that this was you :smiley: