Nonlinear Perception of Time

During an invocation, I was shown a different way of looking of things. Things I looked at were in their past, present and future forms, simultaneously in flux and yet still holding distinct forms or energies. It is what I’d call nonlinear time perception.

Does anyone have any experience or tips to reliably achieve this without aid, both in the astral realm and the physical realm? I have tried different meditations and trying to imagine what something/someone would appear in this state, but no luck, it wasn’t even close.


Well I have limited experience with this. Had a few times when I perceived time non linearly and to an extent, its quite easy to replicate for me. I can view my life non linearly pretty easy and other specific peoples lives as well, not to the extent that can know every single thing about them, but more so like Im viewing their destiny line in a dot, its hard to explain. The problem is that when I try to see the whole flow of time non linearly, thats when my brain gets fried. My theory is, since even for our astral body our physical body is a huge anchor, our (well mine at least) fleshy brain gets overloaded with information and short circuits, there is only so much information our bodies can take in one batch. So for the best way to replicate it I suggest trying it small scale first, starting by viewing your timeline and specifically your future.


I developed the ability to see the cause and effect of things in kind of loops, like hair elastics all jumbled up instead of linear time, after conceiving a spirit Child with a demon.

It’s slowly faded and I have to summon the energy now to be able to do it. It was what prompted this, though: Demonic Timekeeping: Using Sacrifices, And Cause & Effect.

I think having the energy inside me and feeding through my reproductive chakra kind of altered my own energy, so asking a demon to transfuse you in some way may work?


I totally understand the fried brain feeling! Thanks, I’ll give it a try. I had been practicing on objects, maybe trying to view myself would be better.

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Those were such a great read. You have so many cool stories, thanks for documenting it!

Hmm, I was hoping there was a way to develop it without need from external energy, because that deity’s energy makes me rather sick. I’ll look into demons though! Thanks :smiley:

I’ve become slightly obsessed with time:Obsession of time

I didn’t mention it in that thread but I believe if you meditate and draw energy into that portion of the brain you may be able to accomplish your goal. I suggest picking a fixed point in time first, imagine what you would see, hear, smell, and feel. Then develop.

Just be mindful on how far you take it.

Well, that’s an interesting one. The lab rat shall report back in a few days…hopefully without brain damage.

Your post reminded me of the guy who got knocked out during a fight and experienced a whole new life complete with wooing a lady, getting married and having kids. When he woke up, barely a few minutes had passed.


See things from an archetypal/mnemonic/akashic perspective. Learn to see situations, times, and places in relation to their symbolic value in the grand scheme of things. This, coupled with visualization can act as a template, a myth or immortalizing legend of sorts which allows your unconscious perception of true, holofractographic time to become conscious. Heavy concentration is required, lots of focus sessions and building your body’s capacity to hold the energy from that sort of experience.

@SorinMarkov, I disagree. We have access to infinite awareness. It just takes dedication and mastery to realize such a vast potential.

Oh, and the torus. Toroidal visualization IS QI


Now is thee one and only time because it’s all ways. This moment is literally your gateway to eternity. Very few people ever pass through it on this planet, let alone in tact.

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Please do report back, I want to know how this can be further tweaked or developed.

Ya may find this of interest for mediation on time.

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Why the torus? Does it have to do with sacred geometry or something else?

Also, may I know what you meant by the one and only time? This gateway you’re talking about sounds close to my goals, but I’ve only started looking into it recently. So, I’m sorry for being really ignorant about it.

I’ll PM you after I get to it!

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The torus is thee most efficient, self-sufficient shape. Think curves vs. angles. Some mystics consider curves as angelic, spiritual, and timeless, and angles as restricted to time, logic, and matter.

The torus contains a matrix of infinite possible angles, these are thee angles you will learn to ride, using leverage and other laws, torah means law, the turning of the wheel. It’s pure and it contains all angles.

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@Atinama Sure, we have access to infinite awareness through tools such as tarot and runes, but to be a catalyst for infinite knowledge of time and space is, in my opinion, verging nigh on impossible. For human mind its difficult to grasp the meaning of infinity, not to mention to hold infinite knowledge of all existence itself simultaneously. We are physical beings and there are huge advantages to that, but we also have limitations. Imagine memorizing 50 books, word for word with all of the punctuation and paragraph structure, thats what it would feel like to actually be that catalyst, only times a million. However with tarot and other divination tools we have access to any page of those 50 books, at any time, and in that sense, we do hold infinite knowledge.

To assume you know what it feels like is to get a bit too ahead of yourself. For starters how about you consider this, the storage and retreival of holofractographic information is not the same thing as conventional human storage methods.

Are we talking theory or practice? My personal experience with this has been useful, but limited, however, Im sure that I would improve exponentially if I focused specifically on this skill. That being said, if we are talking about becoming an all knowing being in human form, like Yog-Sothoth for example, theoretically, I believe it is possible same as it is possible to become physically immortal - there is a slim chance, but its so slim its not worth pursuing. Now, if there is a person who knows everything about anything and can access that information without any tools, then I stand corrected.

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On the matter of having unlimited access to all the information, it’s a matter of priority. The need for that information, and the value placed upon its retrieval is what determines what sorts of sets of information someone will access and make tangible/coherent enough to share.

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You are describing omniscience practitioners achieve this to varying degrees, an example of such is massive chunks of info getting dropped in people skulls. There are a few posts of this around here. But the thing is the mind has to “unpack” this data over time or the psyche would crack. As one goes further in their practice the “time-lapse” required for the data to unpack becomes shorter.

You get case of the negative effects of this when people try to dive to deep to fast acting like their spiritual practice is a race against others. This is where some of the cases of people going mad from their psyche getting to far out of the physical before they were mentally or emotionally ready for exposure to the “mallablity” of reality.

Thus slowly coming to the the living realisation that they are both their own “god and devil” as it were as well as co-creating reality with pther forces. Some of which may wield more poqer than at the current moment and there by their cause has a greater impact on the overall effect that manifests.