Non romantic love

Hi there, I’m new to magick, so please be patient.
There are tons of spells and what not for romantic love, but I was wondering if there’s anything to improve non romantic relationship. For example, stepchildren are often afraid to love a stepmother because of loyalty to their mother and that complicates the relationship in a couple. Especially if the mother doesn’t encourage a good relationship between her children and the new woman.
Can anyone recommend a spell that could make stepchildren want to connect with a stepmother?
Thanks a lot!

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You could probably find a “harmony” spell that could be adapted to what you want. Plenty of those out there in the Witchcraft realm. I’m thinking that if they see the space as a sort of safe-haven, then they may relate that feeling to the step-mom also being there. Some of this will obviously depend on the age and maturity of the children and some ages are more easily dealt with…

Hope it helps.

Harmony would definitely be a good idea. You could alter a honey jar spell by using the names of all the family members to “sweeten” the relationship.

As a stepparent myself who was a stepchild, the big thing I learned from my parents that I use in my parenting is that I do not ask for my daughters to call me “dad”. We are on the first name basis and, while may seem weird, it does help to drop the kids’ guards a bit. I’ve also emphasize many, many times that my goal is not to replace their fathers, but to be another adult they have in their corner when they need help or a bit of guidance. So far, it has worked well for me.

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Thank you. I finally got around to posting an introduction. Nothing much to say as I’m a newbie.

I want to work on 2 situations:

  1. one where the stepfather doesn’t really get involved with a stepchild and the relationship is very superficial despite living together for some time. And the stepchild being very shy doesn’t help.

  2. Another stepchild is very loyal to the mother (who makes sure to keep her child to herself), so the child, despite me being nice to her, puts a barrier.

Both children are young teenagers.

So the sweet jar would be the main option ( I didn’t find much “harmony” spells) ?

Thanks a lot

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maybee you could work with Buer, as he gives good familiarities? he certanly helped me alot, but dont take my suggestion for certain.
(im only a begginer myself too)