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To be honest, being a soft-polytheist I don’t really care about the labels. It is more about the energy. I was just raised to believe that Jehovah is the name of the one true God. For me, it is just a name.

All things are literally one. And from the one came all. There is no separateness, that is only the illusion of the ego.

Demons are from “the one” as well. Since NoThing exists outside of the one then they are just varying aspects or expressions of it.

According to the Biblical scripture, when Lucifer rebelled and was cast out, he fell. And thus the first “evil” was created. But if this is so, then where did the “evil” come from? How did that energy manifest? If evil was not already a part of the one true God then the spontaneous creation of evil gives it equal power to the one. They are one in the same.

I studied Taoism before I adapted to Buddhism. The :yin_yang: symbol is a pretty perfect representation of the dualistic nature of existence. And tbh…

I do not believe in good and evil. Only the interpretation of it. Basically perspective. It’s not evil or good if I do not recognize it to be.

Kinda curious to hear others thoughts on the creation of evil.

Evil Origins…sounds like a book! :thinking:


I’m right there with you on all those points. My interpretation of evil is something that comes from within each human being. The pursuit of self interest is not evil but when this pursuit is done at the detriment of others with total disregard for the well being of those around us or with the intentional purpose of causing harm then I could classify that as an act of evil.



No, this is not a proper reply to your question, you’ve been just baited by my “Listen with 3 exclamation marks” :smiley:

May I challenge you…

If good and evil does not exist per se, then… neither beautiful and ugly, does? Neither, we should completely separate criminals from humanitarians, or others such classifications? Is that, what you’re saying?

If not, then, isn’t it so, that evil and good must exist to separate all things?
Are both ways, what classifies as good or evil, leading us as spiritual beings to the same destinations?
If not, then, and let’s assume (not going into beliefs here) evil may never be ascending, is such classification of things into good and evil not a necessity by it’s nature itself then? And as such, as it neither could lead to the same spiritual destinations, nor outcomes on earth, not just only an interpretation of the mind, but something, that very well exists?

Can they truely be “one and the same” from other perspectives, then?


Labels and concepts do exist, but take them out of those, do they really exist? :thinking:


Yes. I agree. This is what could be percieved as acts if evil. But perception is key. If two people observe the same situation but perceive differnet things, who’s perspective is the correct perspective?

Don’t get me wrong. I am a sane human being who clearly can distinguish between things that are of a positive or negative energetic nature, but if I choose not to label them then then there is no good or evil to be perceived.

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Yes, of course they do. :wink:

Now, back to my argument without an “all-killer” argument like yours, which I just made non-valid with a very well-thought and detailed explanation.


Or: “That was not my question!”


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That is different and does not work as a philosophical conclusion. Morality is subjective, and so is beauty, but the designation of a criminal is based on the violation of a concept that is actually practiced all over the world. It matters not how laws differ in this scenario because to violate them, by definition not self-righteousness, makes you a criminal. People cannot get sent to prison for being evil, but they can for breaking the law.


If this concept is actually practiced all over the world, does this not proof the existence of evil and good then? Is it not more than simply a label we personally put on something and is rather subjective? Because, if practiced as such, doesn’t it it cease to be subjective?

In your subjective mind, do they exist objectively, my friend?

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Damn, remind me to not argue with you ever @Littleshart :laughing:


Yes. This is why the ego exists! To give us the illusion of separatness so that we can experience existence.

Nope they don’t. What I find beautiful the next person may find ugly. Which one of us is correct?

Yup they are. Good or evil, we are being led to being “woken up”.

Not necessities of nature. They actually ARE nature and existence as we know it.

There is no other. Only the one.

Fair enough but if someone robbed you at gunpoint then it would be hard for either party to attempt to make claim that it wasn’t wrong. The criminal knows full well what he is doing is wrong and you certainly get to feel that it is unjust.

Again though… if good and evil depends on the subjective perspective of someone.

Could I go ahead and harm anyone in the worst case, even throw a nuclear bomb (clarification for the FBI spying: if I had one lol), and still classify myself as good, actually? Let’s say, if, from my perspective, I have a “good reason” to do it ?

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Been there, done that! :rofl:




No. It proves that in order to maintain order in a society you have to have rules. Morality does not come into it. If it did, the prisons would be full of police and politicians.

Not to people who don’t adhere to universal moral frameworks.

Nope. If I start a cult who practices cumin sniffing in order to achieve enlightenment it doesn’t make it objective because those outside of my beliefs will think I’m a fucking idiot.

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I am litterally asking, even if human race as a whole believed that some spesific thing was wrong, or true, thats cumulative subjective.I am asking again, do concepts as objectively, exist?

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Yes. You can.

The above quotes are why.

Will you elaborate what you mean by this? @Littleshart

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