No results or bad results?

Has anyone had zero results or bad results?
I reached out to Dantalion, and the person I was trying to connect with blocked me the next day. No results with Amon. I reached out to Zagan and my boss ghosted me on the meeting the next day. I reached out to Sitri, and things improved the next day, then fell apart completely in the next week, and now they are avoiding me.
I’ve also found Brand spells to have no results for me.

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I have had 0 results.
I suggest doing divination on the spells. It may be that the results are coming around in am unexpected way, or that they didn’t follow through.


Same here, I am doing a lot of work on a person, that I have no contact with, and for now there is no visible movement. The advice for divination is very good. For me, influencing people is one of the hardest things in magick and takes a lot of time and work.

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Pffff!!! For a long while that was all I had :smiley:

Quite some.

Looks to me like your magick is moving forward. Is improving. Keep at it.


I’m with @ReyCuervo magick is an art that takes time to really start getting results from. In the beginning results can be difficult. Positive attitude, not lusting for results.

I’d also recommend working on your clairs to communicate with spirits clearly that might shed some light on what’s going on as well.

I do think some divination work on what the nature of the blockages you’re experiencing could be.


Unfortunately, it’s not.

I’ve had several readings in the past few months, and none of them have been accurate. They have been completely off. I can’t read cards myself. I’ve only ever had two accurate readings, over a year ago, and neither reader is still reading.
As far as clair-anything, I have done meditations, but I can’t sense anything.


Have you tried runes?


I understand your frustration. I’ve been there. All of us had been there. But please, sooner or later, magick will work. One way or another. So keep at it.


I have not. I don’t have any psychic abilities to read or interpret anything.


Thank you so much for the encouragement. I think I may be more worried about making things worse than the disappointment of putting so much energy into it without any results. Twice I have had things get worse. I just found out today that the fourth failed. That maked it two neutral, and two negative. So then I wonder if it’s me, especially seeing so many have success, even as beginners, and I hesitate to try the same Goetia again in the future.


I see, personal suggestion is to continue using them anyway. You can develop them as you use them. It’s important to drop your mind while reading for yourself imo, which I have trouble doing as well :sweat_smile:

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On the subject of reliable readings there is a fantastic tarot reader and oracle right here on Balg that does readings for free. I get one done every six to eight weeks and they’ve been phenomenal.

Here’s a link to the practice readings thread.

I hope this helps get some clarity.


I don’t know if this can help you, but I’ll try to make a small conceptual list, always based on my experience, so take it as it comes:

  • Often, the “wanted” result is late in coming, and by “late” I mean that it can take many months, depending on the objective / target, and it can also comes in little steps!

  • The state of mind is crucial while practicing: I once ignored this aspect, and I had cast a spell in a state of complete anxiety. The result was diametrically opposite to what I had asked for. Therefore, always try to practice with your emotions under control, 'cause they are a very powerful component.

  • As people much better prepared than me said above, it takes practice. The more time you spend practicing, the better and faster your results are going to be.

  • “Bad” results aren’t always bad, if you look at the bigger picture of things! Often, I have found that you are not given what you ask for, but what, is best for you.

To give you an exaple, I did a ritual with King Paimon in August, because I wanted a new job; I gave the specifics of this job, what I longed for it to give me. The next 4 interviews were either a disaster, or a stalemate. “Have patience” he told me, “I’m not going to give you what you want now, you’ll have what you NEED.”
Now, in late November, I had a successful interview, and in the next few weeks I will have a pre-contract to sign. The job in question was not what I wanted 3 months ago: three months ago I just wanted to leave, and looking back, the jobs I thought I was taking would bring me back to top.

So yes, give yourself time, and give the magic time to create what you asked for. A house is built with lots of bricks, and if you are looking to have a new house, often what you need is to demolish the old one!
Don’t give up hope and persistently insist, I’m sure you can do it!

Good luck! :slight_smile:


For me, the ultimate goal in the left-hand path is for everyone to build his own reality and get the things he/she needs. Honestly, I do not see any entity as a “wise parent/teacher” that gives us what is “best for us”. Nobody has to be able to decide what you need, you are the driver of your own vehicle. With enough practice and willpower, I think everyone can achieve whatever he desires most in life and make it serve the greatest good for the practitioner.


I agree with that. If I’m asking for something, it’s something I want, and not having it leaves something of a void or regret. The things we want or receive often aren’t good for us longterm, but that’s life.
My last two relationships damaged me at a scope that probably can’t be repaired, and being in them only resulted in damage and negatives, but they happened anyways. Just like me drinking one night isn’t going to fix anything, but it will get me through the day/night.

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@Claymore and @Mars007 , I respect your point of view, and I fully agree on the freedom of choice, but have you ever wondered if, in certain situations, the choice we are making is actually “free”?

In a state of emotional instability our choices are strongly driven by the desire of change, from that situation to a better one, but without an actual idea of what that choice is going to bring.
I love the idea of absolute freedom in every choice, but this choice must be made with desire, and not with need.

To be honest, this is up to you. Very often I see them exactly like this, teachers, and I am 100% happy with my decision.

In the last year I have changed completely (and for the better), and this has happened thanks to myself and the decisions and actions, but also to the help of these teachers and initiators, who want my good, and they most likely know what my good is much better than I do.

I must disagree here, if I had to follow this concept, I would have to throw away my tarot cards, ignore every conversation with every spirit, ignore every diviniation recieved and all the very useful advice I received from EA in the last consultation with him.

I can agree that you decide what to do with your life, but what is better or worse for us often eludes us, and I’m always happy to hear from those who understand more than me.

I will never be so naive as to say that I always know what is best for me anytime, because life happens, and you don’t always have the clarity to look at the situation with introspection and coldness and do what is actually right for you.

Again, you are free to decide what to do with your life, but the big picture often escapes you, and often someone from the outside might advise you what is best for you. :slight_smile:

That’s very true, it takes time, work, willpower, and patience. :grin:

I think this is perhaps a large part of the problem, I feel that you are dragging the pain of the first failure behind you like a ball and chain.
It often happened to me too, “The first one went wrong, let’s hope the second will come to me, but maybe I’m not ready yet”. Doubt demolishes your work. As the BALG sages say “Where the mind goes, energy flows”; focus on failure, and failure is what you get.

I’m sorry to read these things, but I can assure you that there is nothing irrecoverable.

In any case, reading your answer, I would like to suggest that you temporarily give up what you are doing and work on yourself, before re-immersing yourself in magick.

If I were you, I would do a month or so of Shadow work, before starting with spells of any kind. Make peace with the shadows you’re suppressing, and try to take a step back to look at the situation you’re inn with more clarity.

Anyway, I apologize for the length of the post, I tend to digress at times :sweat_smile: if you want to talk, my DM is open :blush:

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I appreciate the thoughtful responses. I think that these last two requests I went in clean slate. One was last Sunday. And when things improved next day, I was optimistic and ready to give gratitude. I touched base again Thursday night when things dropped off, to ask for the guidance on saying the right things to achieve my goal. Minutes later I had an encouraging text. It went nowhere. By Tuesday night, all communication is gone. This after over two months of daily or every other day extensive communication.
As for working on myself, I’m not looking for a relationship right now. Trust won’t be something I can regain on my own because it requires another party to extend something outwards. After being in a bad situation, going into the last one was actually what repaired the damage from the one prior. It made me see through experience and tangible evidence that I could trust and things could be different. Unfortunately, that person destroyed me in the end, and set me back farther than I started. Even new friendship and old ones have only pushed things back farther. But that can only change with change itself.
I understand what you’re saying about not knowing if what I ask for will have unforeseen negative consequences, but I view it a lot like eating 15 cookies after a bad day as a child. Maybe it will make me sick, but at this point, not eating them would make me regret that as well. I have gotten similar small things I wished for that turned out badly, and I’m ok with having had those experiences. Maybe I’d do them differently, but I don’t think I’d avoid them entirely. And then there’s the feeling that my last relationship was in no way good or positive due to the way it ended and the setbacks it caused, but the universe didn’t keep it from me anyways. So at this point, let me have too many cookies as it’s small scale. Hopefully some of that makes sense.


I actually lost count of the times I failed. Literally. I kept up with it I think until 78? I think I did count that far. Then I forgot to count and remember about it like a month later. So, in my humble opinion, failing a hundred times before something happens is perfectly reasonable. Now, I don’t mean to say you’ll fail as much as I did, I just repeat the same thing I always say: this is a process.

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Ok, let’s try to analyze what you wrote to me, point by point:

So, of the two spells you did, one of them was last Sunday? So it’s not even been 14 days, am I getting it right? I don’t see it as a failure then. Let me explain:

A pattern that I have often noticed, both from personal experience and here in the forum, is that when you influence a person the effect is not immediate, but gradual, and you see 9 and a half times out of ten in apparent “backfires”.

In my case, again to give you an example, it happens every time I curse someone; I realize this because in the first period they are inexplicably much more hostile towards me, flaunting security. The truth is that the wounded will never, ever show the wound! Give your spell time, don’t give it up as a failure!

Maybe there is a language barrier here, or maybe I am misleading, I apologize if this is the case. By “working with yourself” I mean doing Shadow Work. If you use the search function of the Forum (or even on Youtube) you can find useful information about the process, how it works, and how it can help you with past injuries and trauma.

This is not necessarily a problem, as I said before, often to build a solid structure it is necessary to demolish the old one. So it would not seem strange to me that you are slowly improving, and that your presence makes other people uncomfortable.

For this last part, obviously choose the one you prefer, if you want to do it do it, I support you in this of course, and I am happy that you do it with awareness. :blush:

Let me just add one piece of advice: From now on, welcome pain and failure as a teacher. Don’t suffer from it, but ask yourself “what have I learned from this?” . By doing this, I’ve noticed that other people’s opinion has started to matter to me less and less, and believe me, this plays a big role in your ascent!

This is gold! It’s a process, give it trust and work patiently, you’ll see :grin: :grin: