No longer lurking

Hello all!

I’ve been following some of the discussions here for some time now.

I’m a practicing spiritual alchemist on the LHP.

I look forward to participating in many future conversations.

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Welcome :smiley:

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What sort of alchemy do you practice, and how long have you practiced it? This doesn’t really tell us anything about your experience.


Welcome :blush:

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Hi @alandogstar, please tell us a bit kore about this? :+1:

I’m 54 and a lifelong student of history, religion and the occult.

My beliefs are basically those of gnostic hermetism and my practice is spiritual alchemy. I blend universal truths from buddhism, ancient Egypt and quantum physics into my religious dogma.

This means that my body, mind and soul are the base lead to be transformed into the gold of ascension. Using meditation, astral travel, manifestation and ritual work I am moving my soul from this world to the other side of the veil.

My goal is to become my own God and rejoin The One for eternity.