No contact rule

hey guys! i recently started the no contact rule. my sp contacted me and i have yet to open his message so i have no idea what it is or what it says.

my question is- how long should i wait until i open it and how long are you supposed to do no contact?

i was going to wait until he contacts me again and i have been searching on here and on youtube about the no contact rule but no one mentions how long you should wait or what you should do if you are contacted!

i feel as if i would’ve started this before, i would be closer to my goal but its better now than never lol i just dont want to fuck up again or delay my work.

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You can always delete the message, unread :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

its actually a snapchat lol im not sure if you’re familiar with that or not but if i open it, theres no turning back lol its either opened or not

The longer you keep them hanging the more they miss you thats how its played.
Just give it a couple if days and see whether he is gonna message again
Do some magick too

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thank you!! that’s probably what i’ll do

Depends on the kind of spellwork… my case worker said sporadical contact, nothing too serious.
But I kind of feel that your case must be in the ‘no contact’ playing field. Good luck!

What is your intention? If you want to have time to yourself to think about things, I would say longer.

But if you’re just wanting to make him sweat, I say 4 days, lol.

By the way no contact rule means cutting someone out of your life for enough time until you get over them, or forever. That’s what I am familiar with.


interesting! i wanted to go no contact to make him miss me a little more and all that… to give the spells time to sink in

yeah i just want to make him sweat a bit!

Everybody here’s given you some great answers. Yeahh i would say that a few days would be good, lol
Also i like your profile pic, i watched Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy a lot as a kid and still do now haha

i loved it as a kid too :slight_smile:

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just to let you guys know- i did a pendulum reading and spirit encouraged me to just open it because of the fact that it was causing me to feel unsettled.

the picture was something dumb with a caption lol typical boy shit… but yeah thank you guys for the advice i really appreciate it. its easy to feel alone and in the dark a lot with these types of things


If that person gets in touch, then respond but you can pause 1-3 days before you reply. The “no contact rule” is more for you to cease obsessing and get back into your sacred space or flow or balance or whatever.


thanks for your advice :two_hearts: i haven’t replied :slight_smile: and my target has reached out twice now lol im doing well! im so proud of myself

Yeah, that’s nice. You could respond after a few days without getting too excited over anything.

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No contact rule means no contact. If you contact him then the rule is broken. sheesh… J/k. When you play games like silent time or no contact rule. It’s all immature behavior. Just get straight to what you want. Communicate. All these games are waste of time. Playing hard to get rule, no calling back rule, no getting intimate first few meetings rules, etc… I think they are all BS which limits you put on yourself or BS others told you about.

The #1 rule is you make the rules of how your relationship should be. Or both you make the rule together so your on the same page.

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i do agree! but when you’re doing work on the person, i don’t think its wise to be up their ass. been there, done that and it wasn’t the best experience lol i’m trying to let the magic marinate a little bit, make him miss me more, blah blah. i agree it is immature in regular situations but with magic involved, i think its a little more complex!

Theres no point of contacting that person if the magick is done, no contact rule is not immature and its not even a game. You have to give some time to let the manifestation happen and avoid confrontation with that person. If you just jump in asking questions from that person x then theres no point of doing magick.
It always depend on the person’s situation and the no contact rule will heal the relationship if there has been damage done in the past


I’m not talking about magick. I’m talking about regular interaction with the person. I didn’t assume you were doing magick also. but just regular interaction in normal social interaction. I was replying from that stance.

okay guys, the target has reached out 3 times now in a span of a couple of days… i haven’t replied yet. what do you guys think i should do? keep it short in simple with either an emoji, haha, something simple like that? or continue to let him reach out and wait it out a little longer??