No bubbles in wine glass of water..Divination help?

Hi I was wondering is it sometimes normal to have a clear glass of water with no bubbles? I placed it near a orisha with offerings…I’m asking because I’m so use to having mine with bubbles.

I’m afraid I don’t understand. :thinking: How is a glass of water without bubbles not normal?


I was wondering that too, but as far as the question goes. If you leave soda out, the carbonation dissipates as do the bubbles.

If you leave water out, even a few hours the flavor can be effected by the air, things in the air, the light source etc, so I would say a change in the water from just being left out is normal.

Not sure about having bubbles in your normal water, unless you have a plumbing issue, but anything left out and exposed to the air that normally has bubbles, eventually they dissipate. I’ve seen water have air in it, when there was a hole in the line and things like that, but it usually sounds funny coming out of the faucet too.

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I never said it was not…I’m just asking if it is normal and if I can get a further spiritual explanation.

Like I said above, bubbles are indication of air in the water, so yes it would be normal for them to disappear over time, if for some reason your water had bubbles in it. Please also click the link above and introduce yourself to the forum :grin:


Ok got it thanks I just posted

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Some people believe that if bubbles appear in a glass of water, the spirits are communicating or at least making their presence known.


Oo okay so i guess in my situation its opposite…Thanks

If you have no bubbles that means you are fine. There is no negativity nor heavy energy going around you that may be affecting you. Don’t worry.

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No, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any spirits near or anything…I was just stating what some people believe.

Personally, I’ve offered spirits water many times, and at times there were bubbles, other times there weren’t and everything turned out ok. :woman_shrugging:t5:


Thank you

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OK, so we are talking what we Olorisha would consider 2 different things. Offerings to the Orisha are not viewed the same as working a Boveda. Typically Addimu (votive offerings) are foods (Preferrably cooked), fruits, rum, wine, coconuts,cigars, candles, etc. And if you are wanting to commune with Orisha, if you do not have access to Orisha via initiation or god parents, you should make every effort to do so in their place in narure - or leave your offferings there at the end. An example would be the mountains, the woods, the river, the sea, the lagoon, the trash depending.
A Boveda, as part of Espiritismo (or Mesa Blanca), is wheer the idea that bubbles in the glasses of water indicate that spirits may be trying to communicate. It could also mean that the spirits are cleaning negativity off of you and collecting it there. The Orisha do noit communicate that way - they communicate throiugh their consecrated oracles or an elegun (posessed preist). The boveda is a focal place for communication and prayers to your ancestors (familial) and you should start there before trying to do anything with Orisha. If your egun (ancestors) are not on board, then your stuff won’t amount to shit…I don’t care how many red apples you leave for Chango, or sunflowers covered in honey for Ochun…just sayin’

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