How could I summon Nitika(or any other entity)step by step for money?

I had several strange feeling about you, Dear.

  • You are just lazy to using :mag: (or worst, but I won’t tell you that - because I am a “changed” lifeform there :peace_symbol: )
  • You actually think that everything what you want will we put under you butt, and you won’t need to read a little more for getting what you need, what you wish to know

Unlucky you, you have to. So - There you go :point_left:

And I wish the bests for the God who will try to help you out, really.


I’ve read books on money magick but i feel like its a bunch of bs. Some books arent clear with there instructions therefore making it hard. I wanna hear from you guys.

You presumably heard about Nitika from New Avatar Power as that is, afaik, the most well-known book that mentions this fine spirit.

Therefore, that book contains a complete system, step by step and intended for beginners, so research that. :+1:

As to the reason people are suggesting you do your OWN research, I’m going to copy below a short excerpt of advice from a magician called Josephine McCarthy - while she doesn’t favour the study of black magick per se, she’s a very wise and committed magician, so please do read this if you want to understand why people don’t just say “Do this step then that step” or something similarly “helpful” _that will actually sell you short in the long term:

Magic needs a curious mind – the learning dilemma for magical students.

… the amount of times people have emailed me, total strangers, with no introduction, no background info, not even a name, just a text speak sentence like: ‘tell me about eastern magic’, or ‘can you explain what magic is’, ‘can you tell me about Kabbalah but only in a few sentences as I am really busy and I don’t like to read a lot (yes, really….)’. The best one was, ‘I want to know what is in one of your books, but it has a lot of pages, so can you just bullet point it for me’ (I shit you not).

These and other sad but hilarious emails highlight this sense of entitlement (you don’t know me, but I want you to spend your whole day explaining something to me), along with the inability to learn for themselves. For instance, one question, ‘is there magic in India, if so what is it and how does it work”. Apart from the fact that you cannot truly answer such a question without writing a whole book, there is a thing called the internet, with amazing things called ‘search engines’ that one can use. Starting with a couple of words like, ‘magic’, ‘India’, and then maybe adding in, ‘mythology’, ‘mystics’, you can spend months reading various texts and books available on line. And the absolute joy of this is that you can focus in on one aspect that catches your eye, and search that, which opens up another vista of information. And on and on it goes. It’s called research.

Only then will a person slowly start to build discernment, and be able to separate the bullshit from the gems. It’s a process. And that process starts with curiosity, the willingness to read, digest, discover, ponder, look further, check facts, and check sources (and recognize the total bollocks): those steps slowly edge the person in to the subject matter. It’s called learning. It is very useful at times.

Full article: