Nitika curious case

I had an interesting experience with Nitika yesterday. After being new to magick, I started seeing “coincides” under a different light.

I read Magickal Cashbook recently. Naturally, I started working on my own Magickal Cashbook. I did it from scratch. I stitched the pages, I cut the pages to size and I painted the front and the back. I did print the sigils, but I did it in gray so I was able to write everything again with a pen. During the whole process I was just repeating “Nitika”, “Nitika”, “Nitika”. To my surprise, even before I put some plastic cover on the front and the back I got an extra amount of money. Before I had finished my Cashbook.

I started using my Cashbook today and I have no doubts that it will be amazing. I expect nothing more than amazing results.

Shout out to Nitika for helping me out. And for responding to my efforts.


It usually works. Two nights ago i decided to use it again and something strange happened. As i was investing some money online, i heard strange noises at the window, like a bird walking up and down. And then a strong noise as if a rock hit the window, which is unlikely given i live on a top floor, no other buildings close to mine.
Could it have to do with Nitika? I did perform a ritual of banishing recently and inly granted access to a limited number of spirits.


I’ve heard the Cashbook has really sudden drawbacks. You’ll get what you want but the spirits involved are malicious and linger and are attached to you. I’ve heard of people feeling like they were “haunted” in a similar manner to you.

I’d definitely say it has to do with the cashbook…


No, i never experienced any of that stuff


Um…no. The spirits worked with in the Cashbook are Nitika, and the Spirit of the Moon. Nitika is a well known genius spirit found in a few grimoires and he has never been referred to as anything other than benevolent.

If the stories you heard are true and not simply exaggerated imaginings, the only possible way I could see the Cashbook being connected to a “haunting,” would be if these individuals were highly sensitive and were influenced by the Moon, which is the “planet” of initiation and magick.


Sorry, this was meant for Ophelia, not you @blackwitchd47

@DarkestKnight - that sounds about right, but everyone has their own responses. If, for them, they had a negative experience it is what it is. I’ve worked with the moon a handful of times and it’s always been a chaotic experience for me, so I can’t really say I don’t see where they’re coming from.

I do planetary work and know all about those spirits. :wink:


You’re far from the only one here that does planetary magick. However, chaotic does not equal malicious as your statement implied. Malicious denotes an actual intention to harm, and the energies of the Moon and its spirits do not.


I can agree with that - I was talking about other people and how they feel, however, in regards to the Cashbook and how they stated it felt malicious to them, or what they perceived to be random malicious encounters after having success with it. Sure, a knock might’ve scared them. In their head, it felt malicious. I get your point, but again, just stating what I’ve heard in other arenas.

Again, to be clear, MY personal statement was about how my experiences have been chaotic with moon spirits - not the cashbook - and to that end, I could sympathize with how those energies might’ve been a lot for them to handle. I also never implied I was the only one who did planetary work (???) - I was just stating I was familiar with it and had studied it, by saying I “knew all about those spirits.”

Hope that helps.


The malicious intent was certainly not from Nitika. The Cashbook is a good method and worked every time.
I had an issue with a parasite and another spirit i picked up and who tried to mess things up. A fraud spirit. This happens sometimes.

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I just read the book too. Naturally I wanted to know about Nitika too.
Anyway, this forum is talking about depression from Nitika:

But I hasten to add, the book, if I recall correctly, says to just use the instructions in it. It specifically talks about “lust” (not really trusting the magic) being a problem. Anyway, most of those folks seemed to be boosting the magic by adding other magical stuff. Instead of just relying on Nitika, they were doing more to make sure.

Anyway, I am too new to magic to have any opinion. So I was wondering what you folks thought.

I want to try this magic, but not if it creates depression. I already have depression so any sort of joy sucking spirit is something I need to avoid.


Working with Nitika does not create depression. The book is a wonderful tool if you don’t get greedy and ask for impossible amounts.

But this left path will challenge your limits. Various demons have various ways of triggering you to face your deepest emotions, fears and eventually shatter the mundane illusions.


Just a question for the magickal cashbook… what does this phrase mean?
but you may be interested to
know that following sigil was designed
to constrain Nitika with the powers of
the ruling spirit of Mercury.

Am I costraining Nitika in someway? Wouldn’t he/she be upset?

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Unfortunately Nitika didn’t work for me at all :confused:

Snow I would keep trying. It took 3 years of off & on trying for me to connect with Nitika using the cashbook. I would and still do find spare change almost daily. Recently I get what I ask for, sometimes the first time I ask. I changed it up a bit. I call Raziel first & ask that I be heard by Nitika. Also I use a different license to depart that is a bit more respectful. When I get the $ I call Nitika again just to say thanks.

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Shout out to those different lights, yea yeaaaaa

It’s strange. You can do the magickal cashbook and don’t know it’s the source of success as we often use many other demons and spells to work on bringing money/wealth into our lives. So how can we know which one work? The magickal cashbook says to do it everyday consistently. And if you also doing other spells, then which one work? nitika? mammon? bune? or other demon? there are several demons that can bring money to you. Such as … asmoday, foras, marax,raum,bathin,bune, andromalius, purson, volac, belial, amy, zagan and shaz. This is from the free app goetiaguide

I only know Nitika from New Avatar Power. It calls on Angelic Magick. The spell to ask Nitika uses YHVH and Elohim. It’s quite powerful. It worked for me but you need to do it often (as almost daily). This is my weakness too. I do it once a two days and did it daily and it brought me success in the past.

It can take a week, a month, 3 months… Before manifest. And if you use a cashbook or a notebook, it doesn’t matter.

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