Magical Cashbook, Nitika, and fraud spirits?

I read this thread and saw that the potential for something else to come is real:

I had an issue with a parasite and another spirit i picked up and who tried to mess things up. A fraud spirit. This happens sometimes.

The book did not tell me to take any sort of protections against such things. I was also told by a respected member here that Damon Brand’s books were pretty safe for a beginner, RHP, white magic practitioner.

Are precautions necessary? Maybe this person was doing something else at the same time and that is how the fraud spirit got in. I don’t know.

Do I need to know anything here or am I just being overly cautious.

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None of the spirits in the Cashbook are malicious. Absolutely none. It uses Nitika, a genius spirit, and the Spirit of the Moon. Also, the ritual has protections built into it. It is among the safest magick there is.

While the fear of impostor spirits is understandable for a beginner, it actually happens far less than you might be lead to believe by the way some people talk. It is scare mongering at its finest. In my twenty years of practice, I’ve never had one show up.

One thing you need to understand about magick, is that no magick is absolutely safe. That is the nature of the game. You are opening yourself up to your own subconscious and its interaction with the universe at large, and there is potential in even the simplest of magicks to cause madness if you are unable to integrate the experience in a healthy way.

Do you not cross the street just because there is the chance you could be hit by a speeding car? The benefits of a magical life far outweigh the probability of dealing with impostors spirits, especially since you are not evoking in the Cashbook.


The Cashbook is safe. The spirit who bothered me was something else. I picked it up when channeling entities. Sometimes we are tested in this way. All that eventually led to a certain path.
There are several posts about banishing and cleansing, all you need to know about protection is on the forum.
I recommend Damon Brand’s books, they are awesome especially for beginners.


Thank you both for responding. Sorry it took so long to get back at you. I was not well yesterday so I did not do much.

I would also like to add that Damon’s books aren’t entirely for “RHP white magic practitioners”, some of his books also include workings with demons, harming others and mostly indulging in physical pleasure, like his book on Sex magick. The rest of the GoM’s books are great for beginners, they also have a book on Goetia titled - 72 Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. It’s quite well respected around here from what I’ve gathered.


Thanks, I notice that Gallery of Magic had some stuff on Demons.

I see myself as wanting to stay “white” now mostly because of Christian tradition.
It seems that there is a heck of a lot I don’t know about, and that maybe, just because I don’t know about it, it isn’t bad.

Anyway, for now I want to stay in the shallow end of the pool, where it is much harder to drown.

In that case you should also check out 72 Angels of Magick and (especially) Archangel Magick by Damon Brand, both are pretty great for beginners, with the latter also going into some more deeper rituals and full evocation if you ever want to go into that.

I think I know what you mean, I also try to stay away from the heavier work and especially the more mental focused work due to anxiety issues. Energy work also kinda fucked me up mentally for a long while a few months back, but I think it was more due to anxiety than the actual energy work, so if you don’t have issues like that then you should be more or less fine with the heavier work, but it does tend to kind of make you unstable, but at the same time it forces you to pull through and grow from the experience. Well, I wish you luck as you make progress on your path, I hope you find it a very enriching experience.