Nirvana and the goal of non existence

I’ve practiced different paths both darkness and light and in my opinion neither side is worth the effort my goal is now to become non existent and finally reach Nirvana I don’t want to be born again on earth nor in the heaven or hellish realms I don’t have the want or need for sex power money immortality or any other nonsensical goals all I want is to stop and become nothing there are almost 8 billion living souls on this Earth all of which suffer from their material cravings and mundane needs most religions teach about the soul entering a heaven or hell when it dies I say enough and my soul isn’t going to enter neither of them my soul my energy my body and ego are not needed in this Earth and life it’s a waste of time and space nihilism has taught me one thing that none of this is important or special and zen has taught me that all we need is our breath and simple pleasures in life so until I die I am not contributing to this cycle or society and my soul is going nowhere in death I understand you people and your goals of power and cravings of more but count me out of it…

I just don’t want to be here anymore…


So you are just going to lie down and let life roll over you?

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Just not going to participate in it or become attached to it such as goals etc

Sounds reasonable to me. Whatever floats your boat, right?
Your energy can’t be destroyed, but I believe if you focus your will well it’s possible to dissolve your spirit back into the source and lose sovereignty and sentience, so that the energy will be redistributed and used for something else.

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I don’t know about that I’m sure the energy can in a sense be destroyed nothing can be forever…the goal of the Buddha is to reach Nirvana that state of non being and non self aka the blowing out of the flame or energy

I know what Nirvana is - I looked it up when I bought that album too :slight_smile:
I just don’t think the clay gets to nullify itself - it doesn’t belong to us, it’s the stuff the universe if made of, so it’s up to it. But completely disassembling the patterns in that cay that make a sovereign being, that makes sense to me as being completely possible. That’s not Nirvana though. You can get into Nirvana and then come back out, which means Nirvana is not destruction.

I interpreted what you said: “all I want is to stop and become nothing” as wanting to destroy your spirit so it can never experience anything as a sovereign spirit again.

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