Newbie on the loose!

Hi everyone, my name is Samantha, but I have recently started going by the name of Brynli. It is a name that makes me feel more powerful; I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m just rolling with it.

I have had a connection with magick for as long as I can remember, going back to when I was a child and seeing spirits/feeling their presence around me. My first real introduction was through tarot, which I still use the same deck today that I got started on.

Over the course of the last six months, I have had many revelations about who I am, and who I had tried to be most of my life. I never felt like I fit in anywhere until I found the left hand path and finally embraced it with open arms. I have had Lucifer himself invite me to come an go from hell as I choose, as well as had a visit from Papa Legba very recently.

What I am looking for is the opportunity to learn and a community to learn with. I am always wanting to know more, especially about our powerful world and how we have the ability to make our realities just that.

So, background aside, does anyone have any advice on where I should start, since I have finally opened myself to the true power of magick?


Greetings! :smiley:

Try this: Some Member Resources & Tips

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Thank you so much for the information! I watched E.A.'s video on Walpurgisnacht today, and it resonated so strongly with me that I couldn’t wait to introduce myself!

I will definitely be checking out these resources!