Newbie needs help getting started

I don’t know if this is the right place to put this, but let me just say this site is soo overwhelming. I want to grow stronger and use “powers”, for lack of a better word in order to benefit myself, my life, and my spiritual journey. I have no idea where to even start there’s so much going on. I’ve only done simple voodoo rootwork spells. Can someone offer a helping hand and give me a place to start off from? I want to work into magick, evocation, etc. (I’m really open to all different types of magick.) I’d appreciate it so much if I just had a starting point. I’m so confused. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps :slight_smile:

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I think the start point is work on your senses, what you do through meditation. There’s a lot of YT videos on this, to open the 3rd eye, with specific waves and methods.
You can also start performing evocations, there’s a lot of threads on here about it, many methods that you can use, and don’t worry if you do that and don’t hear, see, feel the entities you called, they heard you. You just have to work on your astral senses.
Magik you can start with simple, like have someone messaging or calling you. Again there’s a lot of methods about it. So the best is your search by yourself. Use the search bar (the magnifying glass) using key words. The magiks I know and like are chaos magik and natural magik, you can do some read on it, try until you find the one that best suits you. The same goes for evocations and magik in general.

This video was the first I saw when I was a newbie and didn’t knew where exactly to start. It helped me a lot to get a notion on everything.


Thank you!