Newbie introduction

Hello, I guess I’m bad at introductions. My name is Kaylee from California, thank you all for having me here !

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Welcome @Silh

Please tell us a bit more about yourself.

Do you have any experience in magick? If so, what do you practice?

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California here too. Welcome!

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I’m lacalle from Nigeria, I’ here

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Welcome Kaylee! You will find a lot interesting discussions and people on this forum. Enjoy!

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Hi Lacalle,

Welcome. to the forum.

hello my name is Tim and I am new to magic less then a year I am working on opening my sight more I am able to see things out of the side of my eyes sometimes will see lights flash in front of me but that’s as far as it goes I have a strong pull towards lucifer.

Hello @tim_otteren, please create your own thread to introduce yourself to us :slight_smile: This is the introduction of another person :slight_smile:

Simply click here and create a new topic by clicking the box top right and tell us a bit about yourself.
Here’s some helpful ideas for your intro:

Also don’t forget to read the BALG forum rules: