Newbie Here Checking In

Hello everyone. For privacy concerns, you can call me Oh or O because I don’t feel comfortable disclosing my real name (which I hope is fine).

I’m totally new with the journey/endeavor, so I don’t know exactly where to begin. I believe I found this forum for a reason and not by chance.

The things that interest me and would like more understanding is possession (with the intent of obtaining a skill), creating a pact. As well as apply justice through works for those near and dear to me who have been abused/hurt… To name a few.

I would also like to understand how to summon spirits and obtain knowledge regarding certain events that have happened in my life in hopes of clarification.

The thing I’ve gathered that I’m sure of is to be patient and eager to learn. As well as be humble when working with all entities.

I also hope to be a contributor in the future because I like to help others.

Thank you.



Do you have any experience at all in magick, or are you completely starting from scratch?

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Greetings, try reading this: Some Member Resources & Tips

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Starting from scratch… Total newbie

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Thank you!!! I’ll be reading up on those.

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