Newbie feeling sick during initial separation

Hi … need a little noobie advice…

For months I have been waking up feeling really nauseaus and sick, almost on the verge of actually throwing up. This morning during my meditations to project my soul body I got the exact same intense feeling in my solar plexus - almost as if my body was rejecting the fact I was about to leave it haha.
It is the same sick feeling I get in the night, although I know I soul travel alot in my sleep I have not been able to do it (yet) consciously … I am coming very close though and I hope this is a good sign.

is this a normal reaction of your physical body to try and hang onto your soul body? It feels almost like sea sickness and since this morning my solar plexus feels quite tender.

Thank you so much.

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Hi there!

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To answer your question, it sounds to me like energy sickness. If it’s concentrated at your solar plexis, your chakra could be overloaded or out of balance.


thank you … yes I should have introduced myself, my apologies, and thank you for your input x


You may want to try to bring the energy down from your Manipura chakra into your lower chakras, to balance it out. You could also try grounding the excess energy after each meditation/ travel attempt.

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Thank you I will keep persevering. It is odd that I get this in the night as well subconsciously …

If the energy isn’t circulating through the chakras, then when you travel at night, you would still feel the overload in the Manipura.

Try grounding all excess energy before bed.

that makes sense. Thank you … I do chakra balancing for a living. I am almost embarrassed by my own ignorance HA

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Do you also do an art like yoga, tai chi or qi gong to circulate the energy through the chakras and meridians? I have found them very helpful for handling excess energy built up by prolonged meditation.


no I dont at the moment … I have done Yoga before and really enjoyed the buzz of that afterwards. I need to find time to do that more often for my own wellbeing. xxx good idea

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Maybe a chakra cleansing is in order?

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Thank you FraterMagni. Before I do it I have been doing the chakra cleansing my way and also Erics way including going through the Bija Mantras and I get into a real nice state of ultimate relaxation of tingles and vibrations - It feels so natural and I feel as though its about to happen.

I will just keep persevering … I take the nauseousness as a sign that something is shifting haha so trying to look upon it as a positive thing … I have a fear of being sick so it could just be my consciousness trying every trick in the book to pull me back :wink:
I was just curious if anyone else had experienced similar. x


I’ve been dealing with the same thing. Though I haven’t gotten to the vibrational stage with consistently yet. The nausea starts a bit before then.

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