Newbie - Did I do this right?

Hey guys! My name is Jenna and I’m a complete newbie to magick. I’ve always been interested in the spiritual & occult and have dabbled in tarot and astrology in the past. I was so glad to find this forum–everyone here seems so supportive and eager to share and exchange knowledge.

Yesterday I evoked Duke Sallos (first evocation ever!) to help me with a love-related matter. Sorry if it’s TMI but I walked away from a long-term boyfriend (let’s call him A) a few months ago and since then have been talking to a few guys, one of who I really like (let’s call him B). Things are really confusing for me because A wants to get back together and B has been running hot and cold. I repeated EA Koetting’s steps and asked him to make B desire me or bring a partner into my life who’s right for me, whoever that may be. In return, I offered Sallos public praise and recognition.

I didn’t notice anything going on with the candle flames or the sigil. I asked Sallos to give me a sign but I didn’t notice anything different. Now I’m not sure if I performed the evocation properly or if I messed up somehow by asking a two-pronged request.

Should I attempt to perform it again tonight? Or should I forget about it? I didn’t burn the sigil but instead hid it. I’d appreciate any advice or feedback :smile:

Forget about it. There is a common mistake that beginners make where they petition for something and then become anxious for the outcome to come. We call this lusting for results and it can really damage the chances for your desired outcome. You have already got the ball rolling, now just let it go where it will.

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Thanks Tiberius! I will definitely work to push it out of my mind. I was interrupted once during the ritual by a friend coming into my room and started over again–that shouldn’t affect the outcome, right?

Honestly, it is not very likely that it did. As annoying as it is, if you can recover your focus, interruptions don’t really have that much effect. Hell, work with spirits long enough and you’ll get some pretty funny stories about them. I’m interrupted almost every time by my feline companions

Thanks so much! That’s very reassuring. I have cats too and my nosy cat almost singed his whiskers on the candle!

Have you found much success with EA Koetting’s steps? I know it’s not as black and white but I found a different guide here Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide and am curious to try that out too.

I do but at the same time, it is good to expose yourself to different systems, work within them and learn what can and cannot be tweaked as you become more experienced. So by all means, give that other form of evocation a try

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I agree with what Tiberius that said but, you can use your obsession to fire your Magickal work by repetition until you’re just performing a brilliant ritual for its very own sack. Repetition numbs lust of result.
And you’ll learn a lot on the way.



Thanks Uncle Al! So I should just leave it be, right? Is there a timeframe by which I should check back if nothing has happened and try another sigil or ask for a sign?

Duke sallos was my first evocation aswell , I used the method from demons of Magick which was very technical for me , I didn’t feel anything but within hours got the biggest sign that it’s working , apparently demons always hear you whether you feel the presence or not !

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Thanks Tuxedo-cat! I was expecting to feel a presence or see something–the candle light flickering or the sigil flashing so I was very unsure if I actually performed it correctly. I’ll be patient and leave it be :slight_smile:

A week after my first evocation I called duke sallos again , this time only gazed at the sigil and repeated the enn , and felt his presence, candle flame went crazy , sigil started flashing etc… you can call him again for a chat if you want to feel his presence, nothing wrong with that ! Just don’t do it out of doubt .

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Ooh got it! Thanks so much for your advice. I may do that as well in a week–I was looking forward to meeting him, he sounds like a really gentle uncle-like figure.

Do you have any tips for me in terms of technique? I lit the candle, drew the sigil, chanted the enn and followed EA Koetting’s steps before blowing the candle out and hiding the sigil.

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Use whatever method resonates with you , there’s no right or wrong way ! I only light a candle gaze at sigil and chant his enn , when I feel a presence I state my request 3 times ,then give license to depart (please go in peace ) , blow the candle open all windows to get the energy out ! And live life :blush:

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If you’re using a Seal or a sigil I can’t see the harm in repeating the process. Indeed, sigils drawn with lipstick on mirrors work because you see them so often and remember what they’re supposed to do that when - with familiarity - you don’t consciously see them anymore they really work. What Tiberius stated

but if you can’t let it go then repeat until satisfied and completely spent. I use both methods. Hope that helps.


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Thank you so much! That makes sense to repeat until I’m completely emotionally spent :slight_smile: