Newb question, but what is the difference between astral travel and vivid daydreams?

I’m asking because I’ve noticed over the last year or so that my daydreams and imaginal visions have gotten a lot stronger and more intense. It’s almost like I can feel myself in the daydream and any “communication” that I do there feels more real than it did before. I’ve also been doing some kundalini rising techniques recently, and I noticed that when that kundalini energy reaches the top of my head, I can feel pressure in my head as if my consciousness is being pushed up against my skull. This feeling led me down the path of thinking about astral travel. I would like to learn how to astral travel, but from reading people’s experiences, I realized that I’m not 100% sure what it is. Is astral traveling when a person is laying down with their eyes closed and they literally feel like their consciousness has come out of their body like in Dr. Strange? (don’t laugh, lol) Or, is it a very intense daydream that you can experience with your eyes open?

Any guidance here would be helpful.

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In full astral travel, you have limited or no awareness of your body, so you feel like you are actually, physically there.

The work of Michael Raduga is really helpful for it’s complete descriptions and troubleshooting of astral travel using lucid dreaming, which he calls “being in the Phase”. There’s a set of free videos on youtube of one of his seminars which we have linked here if you’re interested…


Thank you!