New Year's gift



Oui, exactement pareil pour moi


Hello and happy new year :smiley:
I hope that everything is going well for you, here is the draw :



No cheating, your names were the first to go out.
So : @Next, @WhiteHeart, @Cleo, @Destiny_McKoy and @Angie ; you’re the chosen ones. Two of you are lucky, this will be the second time I make a reading for you, but at least that means that my job is nice, I will not complain :grin:
I’m going to do the readings in order, I’m going to try to make one a day from tomorrow, it’s not just a simple reading, but full of different things, so it will take me some time.


merci beacoup
happy new year too


Here’s to hoping I start the new year off with the perfect gift, blessed year to you all.


Thank you Leoh xxx


Great gift thanks dear Leo! Happy New Year everyone


Wow thank you!


Merci! HAPPY NEW YEAR.if possible I would like mine through a PM. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::roll_eyes:


I’m so excited. Thanks so much!! Happy New Year!:grin:


Please may I have mine through PM Leoh. Thank you.


Over PM for me too please and merci :smiley:


Same for me. Through PM please. Thanks.


Are the readings being done? It’s been a while since I heard anything.


Oh nvm lol I see he only did 5 people. My bad.