New Witch!

Hello! My name is Jordan. I’ve always been interested in magick and the like for many years, but I’m still new when it comes to practicing it. I have a book on it, but it’s still a good thing to learn from as many resources as possible. I’ve skimmed a bit of topics here, so I thought why not sign up?

I also wouldn’t mind if I mention something and someone would correct me on it. I’m still learning, so any corrections/advice would be appreciated.

My main goal is love. So, I figured I’d come on here and learn how to summon it, whether the partner turns out human or not. I’m definitely curious about succubi/incubi and would like to know more. I’ve heard on Wikipedia that they suck the life out of you, but in other sources, I’ve heard they’re great partners as well. So much for Wikipedia, haha.

I hope you all have a good day!



What are you practicing?

Well, I’ve been practicing white magic from this Wiccan book. But some of the spells inside require a lot of ingredients, as far as I remember. Or, I don’t have certain ones to start with. I also get distracted easily by other things, but I need to focus when it comes to magick. It’s called “The Beginner’s Guide to Wicca” by Kirsten Riddle.

It is useful for mentioning ingredients and types of magick, but with the spells I could do, nothing happens, even after months pass by. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or what.

Sorry my reply is long, lol. Also, I’m nervous.


Your reply is perfect, so no worries :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :smiley:

Succubi dont drain you for all you’re worth, but their is an energy exchange. They need to sustain themselves somehow. People treat them like parasitic entities but that is not the case.

Maybe you should do energy work. The more energy you have, the more you can manifest your spells or whatever it is.

Thanks for the advice! I’ll look that up. Usually, I never have enough energy to begin with. And that’s just for dealing with daily things. I will admit, I tried to do the Letter of Intent already, but I can’t burn it without people noticing. It’s just laying underneath my pillow.

Still, thank you! I appreciate it.

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Have you tried evoking Lillith? A contract is a contract, burning the letter of intent may be the “official” formal way of doing it, but I find it unneccessary. Then again…you are new and it may help you to do so. I see these things as way to focus your energy instead of something you HAVE to do. Same goes for ritual, candles, athames, etc.

I am fairly knowledgeable about it if you have questions, and as I understand @succupedia is the resident expert on it.

Edit: I would definitely suggest energy work to build more energy. It will open you up and amplify your experience when you do get a succubus/incubus

If you want love , you have to work on yourself. No person wants a person who isn’t loving of themselves or able to provide their needs. what can you offer the other person? You still have to go out and socialize to meet that special someone. Magick isn’t going to bring him to your door. You also still need to work on your senses to spot them. Do you have eyes of opportunity when it comes to love? The special one might be in front of you and you still chase them away. Many have done that. Happened to me that they chase me away when all that i am is good for the person. They make up lies and excuse. they want good in their life yet they chase good me away. :man_shrugging: And they don’t realized they did that as they were blinded by others brainwashing them.

Make sure it’s your true inner self that guides you not those around you putting stupid ideas in your head about others that may be the one.


I haven’t tried that yet, but I could! I could also write a more official, better contract. I was tired when I wrote the letter, so it may not be my best attempt. I looked up symptoms of blocked chakras as well and apparently all of mine are blocked, so I really need to do energy work. I’m looking up the ways to open them at the moment. I think it’ll help, at least.

I’m still learning, lol.

Welcome :blush:

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No offense, but I don’t like the phrase, “In order to find love, you have to love yourself”. I just don’t agree with it, but that’s my opinion. In my experience, people will either not talk to me despite matching with me and me starting the conversation OR they just want sex and sex alone, not caring about feelings or anything like that.

Granted, succubi/incubi are sexual creatures, but at least I can try to find one that would care about me. Humans are fickle creatures, myself included just a bit. Humans my age (which is 25) don’t want marriage or children usually. They just want sex, no strings attached. It’s hard to find a human that would care about me and my interests and such.

I’ve tried dating ever since I was 13. No luck at all. Sure, I could keep looking, but what’s the point when no one else is interested? Spirits don’t care about looks or weight or anything like those. Again, a lot of this is my opinion and personal experiences. Not everyone has the same outlook as I do.

I dunno :neutral_face: I guess I’m a bit of a pessimist. I don’t mean to be though.

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Thank you!

Welcome to the forum!

Thank you too!

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U loving itself means taking care of self. It means being your best or doing what u can to know what u want. Means self cultivation of sorts. How u attracting someone worthy if your not loving yourself? It will attract the wrong people. People always look outside of themselves when the answers are within. Loving self means learning who u are from inside out. Most people don’t even know themselves. Part of knowing self is knowing how to screen bad people and not waste time on them.

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See, the thing is, I’m not attracting anybody. I don’t even have friends that are nearby. They’re far away. You don’t know me or my situation at all. The ones that DO match with me? They usually only want either sex or to avoid talking to me, as I mentioned before. I don’t know why that always happens, it just does.

You don’t know me. How can I possibly love myself when I have things like depression? And yes, I’m officially diagnosed. Life isn’t some thing where I can avoid all of my problems with a smile. The world doesn’t work like that. I didn’t expect this kind of debate, but whatever.

My point is, not everyone will follow your logic or anybody else’s except their own. And again, I hate to be redundant, but you don’t know me. You don’t know what my life has been like, or why people leave me. So what if I don’t love myself? So what if I make self-deprecating jokes? So what if I don’t function normally?

Who. Cares?

I’m still me. And only I can change certain aspects of myself. Maybe one day, I’ll love myself. Maybe. But you don’t get to call that for me. Only I do.

And if I want a succubus/incubus partner or more, then that’s fine with me. It’s my life. And I would love them with all of my heart. And they could love me as well. Not everyone can love themselves so easily.

So please, stop debating with me about this. Stop commenting on this, stop trying to convince me that everything’s all puppies and rainbows. And just move on to a different part of this forum. I don’t want to discuss this anymore. I’m very tired from this talk with you and we have barely talked.

Goodbye now.

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Avoidance of loving yourself . That strategy never works. But whatever. Seem u don’t understand self love. Don’t use depression as excuse. It’s just another emotion. No more powerful than love . The power u give to emotion is why they cripple u. U just haven’t learn to work with them.

You have to do what I like to call " collecting". Collecting books, oils, herbs, candles, statues and what not. I know it requires alot of ingredients sometimes, but when you shop at dollar stores you can grab some deals. Also Etsy has very good essential oils and candles are available wholesale as well as other things online. It can get expensive if you shop at occult bookstores. Also you can find books on many occult subjects online.