New vision

last night i had a vision of a different temple. it looked gold, or either copper or maybe brass.
there were small colomns and the tip of them was a small pine cone looking thing.

but i was seeing from an ariel view.
and then left. as if in a helicopter or some flying device.
There was greenery all around it. but the greenery made a circular pattern. almost crop circle-ish.
it was really intenseand i actually felt the flying away experience. it had a very real feeling to it.


neat! Lots of symbolism, which I won’t stick my nose into … but …

The pine cone thing. Phallic like a Golden Dawn wand, pineal gland, seed, or what?

Sounds like you were in a Tarot card! hehe.


haha i was thinking pineal gland which is sometimes represented by a cone.

but now you have me wondering about the others :smiley:


I saw greenery making patterns when I worked with Azi Dahaka, I don’t know if there’s a link?

That took me through a series of astral realms, all quite different, seemingly linked to elements.

Your description also sounds a bit like the palace I saw in Purson’s realm?

Other than that, I got nothing, though this does feel very familiar.


interesting you mention Purson Ive been feeling a pull to work with him. might be conformation. :slight_smile:

and the way you describe the turf is alot like how I saw it. though, i missed the livestock. but the craft i felt i was in moved swiftly.


so this was Purson.
Baelzebub introduced me to him today.
he showed me some more of the temple
it is overlaid with what looks like gold.
in one of the halls , there is a murial type thing carved on the wall. looks like egyptian hieroglyphs. when i touched the wall …energu went from the wall and drawings/writings into my hand.


ok…just as finished writing that my lights flickered several times in a row! …

me and electricity !! :sweat_smile: