New to this, trying to summon Rosier

I am a newcomer to demons, and more specifically to demonic pacts. If I come across as ignorant of something please forgive me! I have decided to summon Rosier, after trying and failing to summon Zepar. Again, however I was unable to see or feel anything. It is not from a lack of belief, it’s from a lack of knowledge of how to do so. Now I have lost the love of my life, a woman I’ve had a deep meaningful friendship with for 17 years before we started dating. I love her so much, and I need help. I intend to be respectful to Rosier and any demon I may summon above all. I will be good to them, and not forceful. Can anyone give me any pointers or help? Also obtaining things, I am on a very strict budget right now, but could afford incense and candles. What type of incense should I buy, and what color candle? Thank you.

So you know enough to work with Zepar, lord Rosier but using search and spending a moment to follow mod instructions to introduce yourself on the correct thread eludes you…

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Welcome to the forum! Please take a moment to click the image below and introduce yourself:


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Sorry about that, I’m just desperately seeking help with this. I’ve searched for 2 days, only just now signing up to try and get help with my specifics.

Spend time researching evoke, invoke, theta gamma, using search here, @Verdo success stories before anything else

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Thank you HermesHorse