New to tarot. Interpretation needed

New to tarot and would appreciate it if someone could interpret my reading.

I haven’t spoke to my ex for 7 weeks and asked if she had feelings for me.

Left to right

8 of cups
4 of pentacles
The devil

Thank you

Was this a past-present-future reading… did you ascribe these or other contexts to the card positions?
Were any reversed? - the meaning changes if Tarot cards are pulled upside down.

Running with them being past-present-future, you don’t need to look further that The Devil is upright in the future position - that’s not a good sign.
This is subservience, inability to realise the goal, regression, “failure to pass the test”. It seems no good will come of continuing on this path. Time to move on and end this distraction, you’re wasting your time.


8 of cups and 4 of pentacles were reversed It was a yes/no reading I did on my self. I read the answer was no due to the cards presented but other spreads I’ve had with similar questions about her have all come back as yes’s…I didn’t know if there was a deeper meaning behind the cards…

I read the devil can represent lust and addiction…she was addicted to our sex life still after the relationship and she has a drug problem, so it makes sense in that respect

By yes/no reading you mean reversed cards mean no? It’s really important to know which spreads you used and which question you asked if you want help (for all people that ask for interpretation here) because it has influence on the interpretation.

For your question, a relationship spread could be interesting for example - there are many different options.

Apologies…I used the “ultimate guide to tarot” by Liz Dean…she states to disregard reverse cards when starting out but all 3 of those cards are no cards according to her. The question was.

“Does X have feelings for me”

I just wondered if there could of been a deeper meaning to them then just a yes/no. Most interpretations I read are on RHP sites…I wanted to know the cards from a LHP perspective

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I would do a relationship spread if I were you - to give the cards the chance to tell you something :slight_smile:

I could do a reading for you. I get a feeling from those cards. And you said two were in reverse? It would’ve helped greatly if you could provide a picture. Or I could just do a new reading for you.

What was your intuition telling you when you flipped over the cards? I appreciate the fact that you are trying to learn Tarot using a guidebook but sooner or later, if you really want to learn how to accurately interpret cards, you’d have to rely on your gut feelings and insight you’re getting while reading, no matter how weird or random they may be at first. Also, may I ask what tarot deck did you use? Since you said you’re wondering about deeper meanings, providing the deck used helps other tarot readers here to interpret the images accordingly.

My usual question aside, this would just be an intuitive guess for your situation:

The way I would read it, since it’s a Yes or No question, I’d say Yes because you got all Yes cards (2 even-numbered cards and one Major Arcana = YES): yes, this ex still has feelings for you. I honestly think you can’t get any “deeper answer” than this one because you simply asked a Yes or No question. Still, let’s try to delve into the details behind the strong YES answer you got.

The 8 of Cups RX represents her having all these feelings for you and your relationship which she just cannot walk away from. This is backed up by The Devil, which tells me she still feels very bonded to you, maybe even obsessed with not only you but all the material and earthly things/experiences shared between the two of you. The comment you made about her being addicted to the sex aspect, as well as having a drug problem, fits perfectly with this.

But I’m also picking up being addicted to the sense of stability (or what seemed like it), maybe even social status and financial matters (The Devil being Capricorn). The 4 of Pents RX seems to echo this, as right now she might be feeling a loss in those matters mentioned. Did you two share finances together or one gave more money to the other? Was one partner the rock and the other became dependent to the point of codependency? Or maybe the relationship boosted both of your social statuses or simply your sense of self-worth? Whatever it may be, this ex is indeed feeling the loss of contact and I suspect she may even be trying to cling to it in a way she could manage, but is failing to do so. She may also feel that she can’t get/pull herself together ever since the no contact, as the 4 of Pents traditionally depicts a guy who’s securely holding the pentacles to himself. Reverse this and obviously, the pents fall out of his hands and go tumbling down the village he seemingly isolated himself from. There may be a sense of possessiveness over you/the relationship, along with feelings of futility as the pents = you/the relationship gradually roll away from her the longer this no contact period lasts.

Over-all, she still has strong feelings for you and the relationship, but it’s more feelings of addiction, codependency, obsessiveness and bondage to the point that even if certain parts of the relationship aren’t currently working out, or might not work out in the long run, she still sticks to it. Think “can’t live with you, can’t live without you” and “scared to be lonely” type of love. The Devil could also stand for repetitive patterns and habits that you should already be learning from but you remain stuck and chained to: is this a constant cycle of time-out, then come back together only to have a toxic situation or two happen then it’s time-out again? Or maybe she (or the both of you) has certain habits and traits she just can’t kick to the curb despite the apologies or promises made to change the first time, and these seep through the relationship hence the toxic roller coaster. Both of you may also feel as if your shadow selves are being triggered and exposed throughout the relationship.

Honestly, the whole situation is the exact opposite of healthy. You can always ask the cards again what could you possibly do to resolve the situation once and for all, but the choice to either walk away or not is still up to you. Something tells me that whatever action you decide to do about it may not pan out that quickly as well, for all the cards you got are of slow-moving elements (The Devil, 4oP = earth, 8oC = water).