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Hello, everyone -

I have been obsessed with this website for a few days now, and with the help of the wonderful members on this site; I performed my first ritual! I worked with Amon, and followed some instructions that worked for another member. I have a feeling that the ritual went well, and due to this I have decided to join this website! Since December, I have been researching ways to reconcile with an ex-boyfriend of mine. After reading so many methods for months, I believe that I have found the THING that has made this want of mine to become a reality for me. Soon, this reality will become reflected into the physical (and I can’t wait to tell you guys the success story when it is complete). SO! That being said, I am Joy from North Carolina. I am fairly new to the magick world, but excited to learn more!


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum

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Welcome. Please tell us about yourself.

Where do you hail from?

Was the ritual with Amon your first experience with magick, or have you practiced before?

Welcome. E. A.’ courses are awesome. When you get a chance. Worth way more than what they ask for them

I hail from North Carolina (which I think was what you were asking). Also, yes, Amon was the first experience with rituals. Working with it was very pleasant, and comforting. Amon has a subtle way of making his presence known.

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