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Hey! I’m Dor
For years I find interest in magick, I used to practice chaos magick but I found myself for a long period without any progress, I’m trying to find a fresh new beginning in magick and I’m really trying to find a place to start with, any help you can give me would be much appreciated. Thanks!


I like to break magic down into four basic foundations: mediation, self knowledge, energy work, and techniques.

Mediation refers to learning how to calm yourself and your mind. There are many, many different styles to use ranging from simple breathing techniques to complex visualization. Starting here will help improve your focus, which is need to force your will to promote change. It will also help with the development of astral senses which will become useful for evocation and astral projection if those become goals of yours. This skill will also be handy for divination, as being able to calm your emotions will help promote clarity while reading.

Self knowledge is exactly what it sounds like. If you do not know what you need or want, there is no hope in manifesting it. Knowing any destructive habits, fears and thought processes can help you break out of them in order to promote change. This comes not only from the mindfulness developed from meditation but from generally observing yourself as you interact with the world in every day life. It is invaluable in anyone’s practice.

Energy working refers to learning how to apply your will to shift the flow of energy both from within yourself and from the external world. Learning how to manipulate it can help you set the stage for your manifestations to come into being, as well as act as a means to help cause internal change. It involves the use of visualization skills developed during mediation as well as applying the knowledge of what exactly you want/need that was extracted from self knowledge.

Finally, technique refers to the actual spell work. There are thousands of spells out there with hundreds of different systems. Finding what works for you requires experimenting in the case of things such as candle magic and submerging more systematic magic, such as Planetary Squares. Eventually, you will be able to create your own once you become more experienced. All three of my previously stated foundations help to make your magic more successful.

To summarize, I recommend by working on these foundations, starting with mediation. You will not be a master right away and there is certainly no end to the self knowledge aspect, but building strong roots will be very helpful in order to be successful not just with magic, but life in general. If you use the search bar, you can mind many good tutorials on basic skills you can work on developing. Good luck and happy exploring :slight_smile:


Thank you!!

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