New to figure this out

so i asked my lord dantalion something and in return he said he wanted someting only i an give him i have no clue what he means or what that is did he say this to anyone else or similar to any one else

I think I have seen it somewhere but for a different Demon…? I think it was Arianna with Azazel? Or someone else with Azazel? I’m a great help, I know lol…

Well, your energy and relationship is unique? … finding a way to make that into an offering is not uncommon.
Some people write poems, draw a portrait or sing a song, something that celebrates the two of you or your feelings about the entity.

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that would be a great thing to do but i cant draw lol or write a song i mean i could write a short story about him i love to write stories idk if he would like it though…

would be really great to know what that person did so i could have some idea thank you for replying cause im at a lost here lol

You could ask him if he’d like that. Don’t see why not. He wants the energy that is the essence of the work and the effort you put into it. I think a short story would be lovely, and you could read it to him in ritual before setting it on your alter.

i think i’ll go with that i just dont know what to write about lol a story of his greatness but i barely just met him lol im such a noob

i just remember when i talked to him he did say something about my books so yeah ill write him a story he was intreged in my writing

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Yeah you gotta think demons like art as much as us he doesn’t need a story that’s a brown nose talks about him. Hell he may like romantic comedy, but I am sure he is versed in your writing style.

As far as what he is referring too I can’t tell you, only he can. Let us know I am curious it may be different for everyone but maybe it is your writing or something. That way we can know if talents of ours is something entities enjoy and why they want to help us. It helps us help them.

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he was very happy about the idea when i laid it out thee for him n there is progress in what i asked of him im very excited