New selenite and smoky quartz crystals

Just got these stones at a local botanica and I love them. I want to use the selenite as a wand for my spells I’m not sure what I can do with the Smokey quartz I heard it’s a really grounding stone. I will be cleansing them with tonight’s full moon


Smokey quartz is a good candidate if you were going to do the Shadownomicon workings, otherwise t’s great for helping you move on from emotional experiences.

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Very lovely stones.

Idk how much you know about selenite, but do not get it wet or leave it outside in the rain… it will start dissolving and will lose it’s clarity! I learned this the hard way LMAO

I used my Smokey Quartz for the Shadownomicon, as Maulbeere said.

I now use it for a lot of parasite energy dumps and to collect offerings for things I don’t want feeding on me, but work with.

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