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Hey there guys I’m a new beginner at practicing magick black and white…
And am from Ghana


Welcome. @DarkestKnight will be with you shortly.

Welcome! We have a lot of people from Ghana on here. :slight_smile:

I just sent you a message with useful information on how to get started, please check the top right of the screen, green icon. :+1:

@Juliemk90 welcome to the forum. Do you practice any kind of magic already?

Not yet
I have read books and videos but I haven’t tried any ritual yet

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Hey guys I’m new to this. But i thought here might be ppl who will know some answes and maybe I could share my knowllige about things i know.

@Honey_Raven Why do you keep posting in the wrong place? I told you to CLICK THE BIG YELLOW IMAGE THAT SAYS RIGHT ON IT TO CLICK HERE It will take you directly to the proper place to introduce yourself.