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Hello All,

Last time I visited these forums was back in 2011 (it was called evocationmagic back then) I got interested in occult after watching movie called Demon Lo. I remember reading a lot on these forums and one day I felt uncomfortable as if I was being watched. I forgot all about it until few weeks ago the name Astaroth popped up in my head and I decided to come back and learn a bit more about the occult.

Having a traumatic childhood I was always depressed in my 20s, recently I have discovered chakra meditation which has helped me find inner peace and reduce anxiety.

Now my question is what other types of meditation would you guys recommend to achieve blissfull state. With all due respect I dont want to get involved in Demonic entities, is there any Angelic being to call on or chant and harness energy somehow. I have been emotionally and physically abused by my own mother so I need to harness that motherly energy and affection so I can feel secure and happy within myself.
Thanks in advance.


No, it wasn’t. That was a completely different forum, not this one.

Do you have any experience in magick?


No, 0 experience to date.

Welcome, as for mediation, just do it. Just find calm within yourself and go from there, there are also alot of very tranquil and calm guided meditations on youtube. A nice introduction into getting into a state of magick meditation is definably NAP, its a good start and can help open some doors to start working with other beings. As you progress on your path you can start to develop more into your own and more of what you’d like to achieve for yourself, also good tip is to get a blank book and start writing down your experiences, thoughts, and feelings each time you meditate!

Welcome to the forum.