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Maybe we can get coffee some time before I go back to vegas, there is a neat little metaphysical shop here called Avalon and beyond not far from here

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That’s up past Kissimmee right?

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I’m not sure, it’s near Colonial by the publix.

So did you scan me?

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No just popped the Into google maps. To get an idea of where it is.

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sorry, I ment you feel empathic, did you get a reading off of me? Or my nature?

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I am empathetic, but no I am not currently reading anything. I just saw you said you are from Florida and posted a greeting.

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Oh, well thank you for your kindness, everyone has just been wonderful. I wouldn’t mind knowing if you did sense something. I know a lot people must not like knowing their true nature, but I want to love myself, the good the bad and the ugly

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So you would like an scan? You just started your path are you going RHP, LHP or something else?

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I’m not sure yet, I want to be involed in love, healing, and blessings, I want to serve, and be knowledge so I can give good advice

You sound more right hand path then left

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Am on on the wrong forum then? But I still hope to inquiry the services of Sagatanas

No matter what magick you practice, be it angelic, demonic, or whatever, you are welcome here. Ignore anyone who tries to tell you there is a division between Right Hand and Left Hand because there really is not. A balanced magician uses both hands.

There are others who focus on healing here so don’t worry. While the majority focus on the demonic, there are also Christian magicians, Kabbalistic magicians, Hermetic magicians, elemental magicians, and everything in between on this forum.


Thanks, I still have a lot to learn.

Be blessed friend

@DarkestKnight what do you think about getting Sagatanas or King Beleth to help return an ex?

What about it? It’s within their wheelhouse so it should be doable.

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thanks, just that newly discovered Sagatanas, how difficult do you think he is to work with, and he seam to have a ton of other attributes that could be helpful in being a practice mage.

You will only know if a spirit is difficult to work with, by trying to work with it. Just because someone else says a spirit behaves a certain way, doesn’t mean the spirit will behave that way with you.

I have had more than a few spirits that did not act the way others claimed they would, for example.


Nope not at all.

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Well I hope Sagatanas would be willing to guide me, I’ve been practicing saying his evoke phrase, I hope I didn’t call him by accident, I hope he doesn’t think I’ve been ignoring him all day

This is said beautifully as always.

Most of us are truly gray. So go whiter then others while others go darker.

I very openly work with both angel and demon.