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Hello everybody , my name is Ronnie H Rowland Jr,…my friends call me Lil Ronnie. Im 41yrs old. Im a self employed brick/block/stone mason.
Magik is a new path for me and im highly excited. I feel this is where im to be,leaving behind my babtist upbringing. I have no experience and any advice is much appreciated

Hi Ronnie! :slight_smile: What part of occult knowlage are you interessted in?

Well, i enjoy helping others so id like to be able to summon demons to aid them. I was severely attact by entities as a child, so im also facing my fears. I tried conjuring once, but if i recieved a reply i was unaware of it. I will not give up.

Thats great. You can learn how to heal people and making protective servitors for them. :blush: Ok how did you know that there was spirits mocking you? When i was a child i allways had bad dreams. That horror every time a fell a sleep. But ever sen i dedicated my soul to Satan i feel protected. I am working on my spiritual senses to develop thies so i can realy start change thing in my life and in the life of others. To develop in spirit and soul you will know hard work will pay off soner ore later. I started to digg in to the occult “Satanism” 2018. I started learning from the internet page joyofsatan. There you will finde ton of good information. :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks…when i was between age of 5-12yrs of age, something would jerk me in the closet as i walked by going to take a leak, that leak didnt make it to the toilet,lol…jerk me by my feet under the bed, hold me in the bed, showex itself once,came as a shadow from tge shadow of my bedroom door,no shadow where the eyes are. Anyway,it stopped in my teenage years.
Being im 41 about to be 42, i hope its not too late for me to become great at this. Where should i begin. Mainly i want to know im safe and protected, how can i ensure this?

Ok for me it sounds like a succubi beeing around you. So look up succupedia her on balg. Mabe you find some interessting to read. I know i did :grin::love_you_gesture:

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Hi. Welcome to the forum.

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