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Hi Everyone. My name is Aaron J W M. I have put off communication with “So called Demonologists, Satanists, Spiritualists” for a long time. Or maybe i just haven’t been able to find the truth amoung you in todays modern world.

I’m searching for links to evoking, invoking, summoning Spirits and to TRUE knowledge about black magic, satanism and everything else along those lines. Google is extremely SHIT in 2020.

Sorry for the long story below, But here i am and if you care to read it you will understand why i am posting here.

I am a Christian raised 37 year old. I was abused growing up. I worship God most of my life because i was forced into church and had beliefs forced on me. I’ve read the bible through many times but for about 16 years things simply don’t add up. I know the bible is trust worthy in parts… I also know this is where Satan was created.

I have also read the book of Enoch, studied hinduism, buddism, jw’s, mormons, The quran etc…

I’ve studied abit (Maybe more than abit) about black magic, evoking, invoking etc…

I started to want to learn about something other than God about 16 years ago. I wanted to know what other religions and beliefs people followed. As for the dark side or a different side, I really started getting into that about 7 years ago with a friend of mine at the time. We both saw some amazing things. Doing summoning rituals while we were drunk and high, with a ouija board and also invoking spirits and constantly talking about spirits. My friend said he had a spirit who constantly followed him. Me and my friend have seen a door slam after summoning and then calling out to the spirit to show us that the spirit was with us while we were in my kitchen. The door was slammed. Hard. We have both heard the spirit or spirits moving around the house at night while trying to sleep. Something tapping in 3’s on the doors. “Knock knock knock… Knock knock knock… Knock knock knock”. My friend has had his own personal experiences away from me which he has told me about. I have had my own personal experiences with things move around infront of me. I’m talking about things actually moving, falling over, getting knocked over, things lifting up in the air infront of me then dropping. I have seen things like a hell hound at night and also have seen shadow people moving in the dark. I have felt things grab me at night as well. Most of this has happened throughout my life but mainly over the last 7-8 years. I still see things today as well in 2020. There is other stuff i have experienced as well which i will touch on soon…

After many many signs of spirits being present and trying to understand in something other than Christianity, i went through some problems with life. Some Major problems in life. Long story short i tried to kill myself. It started after a bad situation with life when i was 34 years old. Something i won’t get into. At the same time as going through this, I was on some medication from the doctors that was extremely bad. One night after this thing happened to me in my life and i felt completely hopeless on bad meds, i started drinking and smoking weed. So while being high, drunk and on really messed up pharmaceuticals, I started watching a movie about Ouija. Through the movie i got drunker and higher and things got badder. I started cutting myself with a serrated edged razor. I cut the shape of Davids star into my left inner forearm. Maybe it was meant to be the 5 pointed star of Bephomet but it ended up being the 6 pointed star of David. I bled out alot that night. Like seriously alot. To the point i nearly couldnt walk. This is what i wanted at the time. I wanted to die. After getting light headed and nearly fainting after screaming and walking around i stepped it up a notch out of pain of life. I went outside on my step and I prayed to Satan and to demons, and to anything listening at the time. Anything other than the God i had been praying to my whole Life. I prayed for them to come and take me and kill me, because God wouldn’t give me the strength to. A second later i felt 3 spirits with me. One either side of me and one behind me. My mind and body was taken over. I walked inside, Grabbed my serrated edged stainly knife and cut my right forearm once. Only about 5 millimetres deep. At this time I was being slandered by voices, And I cut again. This time down through my forearm through part of the tendon, through to the bone. It took at least 15 minutes for the ambulance to get here. I had already bled out for 30 minutes from my inner arm. Honestly i don’t know how im alive today. I bled the fuck out. Yet somehow i am still here…

Anyway for about 4 months after that attempt i still felt possessed (I still do today but not as bad). I heard voices talking to me. I felt spirits presences around me. Guiding me and showing me things. Giving me dreams and forcing me to cut myself. I carried on cutting myself for 4 months after the attempt. The outside of my left forearm has 2 long scars and the inside of my left forearm now has about 23 scars on it if not more. The shape i continued to cut into myself i know was given to me by the spirits that took me that night. I have been searching for the shape on the inside of my arm online to see if there are any symbols that match or for anyone that might know what the symbol means… I do know the numbers add up in 3’s and 3 6’s… Which i know is Satan. But i would like to know if this symbol or sigil has a very specific meaning behind it…

Since that night i have really started searching the other side “Satan, Demons, Rituals” etc etc. One of the most scary experiences was scrying a mirror at the time i was cutting myself. I cut myself, drunk my own blood and was Cursing God. I decided to scry. After learning about scrying, I used a dark room, candles, incense, and an audio ritual from youtube at the time. (Since been taken down) I looked into the mirror and within 10 to 15 seconds my face became someone elses. A demons. The demon showed itself for about 4 seconds if not more. It scared the shit out of me. After that I saw about 17 different faces over about 20 minutes. I have since not really tried that again because… well… Although i am extremely tempted.

This was all 3 years ago. And since then i’ve delved into some dark stuff.

Really, i’m here to learn. To be pointed in the right direction. To see what this mark is on my arm and to delve as deep as i can into True knowledge and wisdom that God doesn’t teach.



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