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Hello - I finally realized that good and evil were invented by the Roman Catholic church.
This JUST happened: I finally got the courage to call out to Azazel and guess what?

My phone rang, no one on the other end, but apparently Azazel lives in Oakland, CA.

Is it best to start with Lucifer or is it okay to go directly to Azazel or Belial?


Welcome @AZAZEL_phoned_me It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick ie what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:

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Hello - I am brand new. My real name is Eric and I now call the desert of southern Nevada my home. The desolation and solace suits me. Discovered Kaballah in 1990 with fast and dramatic results. Forever learning…Good and evil? An illusion perpetrated by organized religion. I admit I still love my Archangels but I disagree what some say about “choosing a side.” I refuse to be limited by a single belief system. Currently drawn to Belial, Azazel, and possibly Lucifer. I only ask for attainable manifestations. I do not need a lover or wife. I do not need riches or fame. I simply am calling out for peace of mind and body, harmony at work, and financial stability. True story - this evening I found the courage to call out Azazel. Used an Enn. Phone rang. nobody there. Maybe our friend Azazel lives in Oakland judging by the area code.

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I would start working with Azazel if he’s calling you up.


Belial is an excellent place to start!

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Thanks for the feedback. I am reaching that stage where I realize that there is nothing to fear. Interesting that some would say he is the most dangerous entity in the demonic world. I will be humble, although he can see what my life has been like and the time to reap is now. Physical existence passes so quickly! He intrigues me in respect that I read he can grant very strong protection. I just purchased the book of Azazel arriving on Friday the 13th. No Kindle version!


Welcome to the forum. You can’t go wrong with Azazel.

Welcome to the forum! Based on your username, I’d agree with the first reply that since Azazel contacted you first, respond back to him first. As for Belial, you can definitely approach him alongside your workings with Azazel (unless he makes it clear that he wants to work with you alone) or simply speak to him about transforming negative emotions into something better and more useful. I wouldn’t be surprised if he would lend a hand or check on you every now and then if you ever decide to work with Azazel.

Belial definitely does all of those you’ve mentioned and more, but just prepare for the (surprise) tests. Be as honest and brave as you can in your own way when dealing with him, though balance it out with respect of course. Goodluck on your path, OP! :slight_smile:


That’s so vastly historically inaccurate that I don’t even know where to start mate! :smiley:

One of the original concepts of the forum was peer testing, which means keep a wide open kind of funnel for what can be discussed, no groupthink on what’s “real” etc., but then that requires people post honest results - actual results in terms of magick, not grandiose theophanies - and a part of peer testing is to judge what can be replicated by others. :thinking:

It’s human nature to judge, what people cannot do is moralise on a working thread. But there’s no thought-policing and people are free to judge things as good or bad, valid or invalid, useful or dumb, etc., and choose whether or not to replicate the work or engage with the topic.

If I posted drinking bleach unblocked your third eye and made you crap solid gold nuggets (it doesn’t, by the way so please don’t do it, it’s very dangerouns) are you telling me you’d rush to embrace that without judgement? :wink:

An open mind is good, but not so open your brains fall out! :smiley:


I categorically rebuke each and every allegation. Go to you faq’s and the first sentence. Your overarching interpretation on rules of engagement is completely out of line with community guidelines. Delete the original post if you would please. In my zeal to explore other possibilities, I made a sweeping statement in order to get to the subject matter that was most important. There is no room for authority in occultism!

I haven’t made “allegations.” :thinking:

There’s room for sharing what we experience, and peer-testing, and that includes both openness and exercising wise judgement in turn. :+1:

Be chill, look into Zoroastrianism and the Egyptian stuff that was almost certainly perverted into Mosaic law. And you may see things on this forum you dislike, just file them away and see if they make sense later, or now… it’s all good, everyone’s learning. :smiley:


Interesting fact - the woman that sits right next to me at work on my left is a Persian Zoroastrian. Have been sitting next to her since 07-18.

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Has anyone read the “Book Of Azazel?”

It is arriving today. Some people have said the book emanates a palpable energy.

Curious as to whether or not I should store the book with protective items such as smudge spray, raw sage, black salt, tar water, etc…

I don’t know about the rambling post. Azazel expects you to do the work to progress in a timely fashion. If you’re moving to slow he’ll let you know. He is not harsh but can be strict.

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What is the nature of the work he expects if you would be so kind to share? Is he going to be offended or insulted if I keep Raphael nearby?

As stated earlier, I do not believe I cannot work with both angelic and demonic energy simultaneously.

Solomon did. Although that would be a whole separate topic.

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Michael blasted his trumpet and stood bravely as he did at the beginning of his angelic creation. Come to me out of your cloud Belial. You are no more powerful than the first time we met! You are not like Shaddai. You cannot be like him. You are nothing. He made you! You are weak. Your pride defeats you!

I don’t really know what’s going on here, but do you really think the Archangels want you to be on one specific “side”? Think again. :wink:

Your response makes no sense. You affirmed what I said but then made it sound like I was saying the opposite.

What are you saying? I am just telling you what some, especially “left hand path” people keep saying which is choose a side.